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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by davidflies, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pleased to announce that ACAB is now a real book, with pages and things. We expect arrival next week, so keep and eye open on our web site - it will be posted on Monday for ordering.
    The price of the softback will be £15.00 and packing and postage will be charged at cost.
    Just to fill in the detail: it should have appeared some weeks ago but regrettably the printers we have used for years went bust. So we had to find another printer, reset the book - yadda, yadda - but now I am promised delivery next week and so the real thing is available, not merely the electronic image.
    As soon as it goes live on our web site you can order your copy.
    Signed copies will take a little longer as we have to get the copies to Iain, get them signed and returned and so on. Signed copies will be £20 post free.
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I'd offer to do an official Arrse book review (and keep the freebie copy along with all my other review books) but it's already on the Kindle awaiting the onset of leave in five working days and an early breakfast.

    Edit. Ask Auld_Yin and he might organise you an official review through another of our illustrious review staff (or me ... or not) ;o)
  3. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some people are determined to ruin my day!
  4. David it would be handy if you named your company or put the web URL up . Or is this the company equivalent to the 'black nasty' in 'them' pics?
  5. Is there any pikchas of coppers an soljas an them mercanarys mister?
  6. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just a civvy - mlrsbooks or
    JoeCivvie - yarp
    The book goes up on our website on Monday and you can order then - we'll get copies out just as soon as they arrive
  7. Is that an answer in the affirmative, David? Any more info, viz number, B & W and/or colour etc?
  8. Knowing ACAB it will matchstick men ^^
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  9. Just had a sneak peak and you're not that for off!

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  10. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Joecivvie - you haven't seen the film "Hot Fuzz"
    ISBN 9781847918796
    150 pp, b&w photos, softback. RRP £15.00 or £20 includng postage for a signed copy. Proceeds from extra money for signed copies to H4H
  11. You should probably pay that invoice instead of doodling on the back of it!
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  12. Clever! It's OK, it a draft of one of mine I sent out earlier.
  13. Already got the Kindle version but...good, I'll have a signed copy from one of our own. Ta.
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  14. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tremaine - you will have the option of a signed copy on the web site
  15. You are a very, very bad puppy. People fall up the stairs these days!
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