Hi guys,

As I stated in an earlier post I had to retake my GCSE maths in November and I am waiting for the results which should arrive very soon. But what I want to know is, if it is below a C is it possible to get the ball rolling and sit another re-sit. What I mean is, can you have your interview with the ACA and attend the briefing on the condition that you can't enter Sandhurst until you get the C? Or do you have to have all the boxes ticked before you start the process.

In my limited knowledge you have to have all the boxes ticked before attending AOSB. I have a somewhat similar problem - as I come from Southern Ireland my Security Clearance will take ages, so I asked to take Main Board while I'm waiting, but was told that everything has to be in order before attending the Board.

However, as with all queries, ask your ACA for the definitive answer!
You should be able to go to your breifing at least and then get a cat 2(Q) in order to get your needed qualification. For your mainboard you will need the qualifications..

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