AC-XX Gunship Lite Prototype: A C-27J “Baby Spooky”

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr Happy, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could get some of these...

  2. great idea - all we need now is some money!!!!!!
  3. That's us buggered then!!! :lol:
  4. Yep.............. :x
  5. we could all have a colective look down the back of the sofa
  6. We could cancel a two week long athletics event and use the £9,300,000,000 saved.

    edit: amount wrong.
  7. Nah, go the other way and stick it in a C5, C17 or A400.
  8. I'd rather we spent it on 16 shiny spanking new CH47Fs...

    ho hum.
  9. I was a fan of the G222 before the improved version became the C27J. I would like us to buy it to provide an efficient means of carrying small loads and drops onto small DZs. We could use it to meet the “good European” requirement (it is part Italian) enabling us to ditch the A400 and get more C17s. It has a high level of commonality with the C130J and its adoption by the USA will make it a very common type. If the AC27J happens that is “icing on the cake.”
  10. What advantages does it offer over a C130J? Seems to be roughly a 2/3 scale C130 in terms of payload etc.

    It does seem to be very cheap at $2.5M each according to this:

    Compared with $66.5M for a C130J :omfg:

    If those numbers are correct I can see the attraction!
  11. When I hear such words I reach for my Browning.
  12. Is this the one built by Italian Company Alenia Aeronatical (Excuse Spelling) if so I saw this aircraft a few years back and it is a very well equipped very good plat form and I can certainly se the advantage of it and can see SF Regts acquiring it
  13. First problem, even if 'they' thought about buying it, by the time it's been;
    1. Through 'x'(1) committee stages.
    2. Modded
    3. Changed.
    4. Cancelled.
    5. Reinstated.
    6. Modded.
    7. Re-designed to Crab/SF requirements
    8. Finally ordered in a badly thought out Puzzle Palace contract.
    9. Re-modded.
    10. Delivered, late, overbudget and with no crews to man it.

    Assume, for the sake of argument, that the estimate of 30 years in Sandpit 2 is vaguely accurate(!), I would estimate an in service date of Jan 2020(2)

    (1) Where x = any number between 1 and 10
    (2) End of month natch, it allows for late Christmas/New year parties to be finished.
  14. I think you have slipped the decimal point. A $2.04 billion contract for 78 aircraft works out at $26 million each. Given that this includes “pilot and loadmaster training and contractor logistics support for the Army and Air Force” that seems reasonable.

    The advantage is that it is cheaper to buy and operate than the C130 and so you can buy more aircraft and fly more sorties for the same money. Granted, if your C130s are full then you would need two C27s to replace each C130, however, C130s are often not full and hence the advantage of having C27s.

    Other advantages are than it can use slightly smaller landing strips, it can drop its entire contents onto a shorter DZ and if the enemy destroys one you loose less.
  15. The C-27J fills the gap between Chinooks and C-130s. It has a payload similar to Chinooks but being fixed winged, it's cheaper and easier to operate. An aircraft like this would take a lot of transporting jobs off the Chinook fleet, not to mention ground convoys. Frees the Chinook for battlefield roles. It also shares the same avionics and engines as the C-130Js.

    Here's what it's supposedly replacing: