AC Networking

AC network kit

I need to connect two computers where traditional wered networking is unworkable and wireless beyond price range. Will this kit do the job?

Anyone know anything about it?
Apart from the cr*p link I do know what you are on about. Providing you are ok with the low speed (11Mbps) and your two computers are on the same electrical circuit then you should be ok. It's a greeat way for singlies to share an Internet connection.
Whoops, sorry for link, should have chaecked that

Updated link follows AC networking

When you say same circuit, do you mean same fuse ring or same mains supply. One point will be in a house, the other in the garage about 10m away. I believe garage takes power from house, but doubt both are on same ring.
Its overpriced for what it is,

For another £35 you can get a starter wireless pack from PC world.


If you do a little digging (try Ebay) you can get cheaper still. Wireless is becoming very cheap.

I would stay away from the AC kit it wont be that workable and you will end up selling it in a car boot sale!!
Disco, problem is, by my reckoning the kit needed will be

1x wireless router
2x repeaters
2x wireless cards

Budget restrictions mean that this is difficult. Unfortunatly I'm not controlling the money, only can suggest kit.

Wired is out as a trench is unworkable (i don't fancy hand digging and relaying 10m of concrete). And an overhead wiretrack has been ruled out as "unsightly"
why the repeaters?

The specs for the above kit which is 1 router and 2 PCI wireless cards is

"The wireless range is 50m indoors and 250m outdoors in ideal conditions."

Effectivily that will let you wire up 3 PC`s, 1 fed off the router direct and 2 via wireless. All for £120 that pretty good.

Remember there is nothing to stop you remoting the Router (to a better position for coverage) by running a CAT5 feed from the Broadband box and to the Main PC.

I think you would just need a wireless router and possibly only one wireless card/USB thingy. If your main PC is reasonably modern it will already have an ethernet port on it and you can connect most wireless routers via a bog standard network cable. It would only need to be the one in the garage working wirelessly (is that a word?).

I am more than willing to be corrected if I'm wrong...

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