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AC/DC - new single, album and tour Uk dates on sale tonight!

Still no dates for Europe yet but looking at the DC site, they are fully booked until the New Year. Most the US concerts sold out overnight!!!!
You can now listen to the entire new AC/DC albulm on their website.
But more importantly,

Their uk tour dates go on sale tomorrow

edited for being an overexcited fool :lol:
You're right smudge

The Fan Club On-Sale for Barcelona, ES begins at 10:00 AM on 21 October.
The Fan Club On-Sale for Madrid, ES begins at 10:00 AM on 21 October.
The Fan Club On-Sale for Dublin, IE begins at 9:00 AM on 17 October.
The Fan Club On-Sale for Rotterdam, NL begins at 10:00 AM on 18 October.
The Fan Club On-Sales for London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK begin at 10:00 AM on 17 October.
Rock FM in glasgow are refusing to play any AC/DC as they arnt touring north of the border, strange since the band have a Scottish roots and a large fan base. They had 80,000 e:mail and txts from listening backing them on the day they announced this.
I managed to get a pair! Took bloody ages, and I suspect that I'm gonna be right at the back somewhere?? Anyone else manage?

I think it's sold out already?!!

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