AC/DC Helichopters !!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Auld_Sapper, Sep 16, 2004.

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  1. Like helichopters ? Like AC/DC ? then go to

    and download the 'helo_thunder' vid. 'Tis fabby.

    Oh, and there's some Apaches innit that actually fly :wink:

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  2. :x Aw, fackin hoo-erin' cnutin' fackin' twatin' com-fackin-puters !! Can someone with more wits than me make that link thingy work ?


    Ubique ya bass !!
  3. :oops: Cheers LJ

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  4. Shiny cabs but they are still crap.
  5. I'm waiting for the follow-up - set to the strains of Ms Spears singing "Whoops I did it again" it features a battalion of Apaches setting off ever so butch and macho, flying unsupported over a dug in Iraqi infantry division or two, then running away very fast trailing sparks and little bits of helicopter.
  6. I have been using this for nigh on two years now, I stole it off the original maker. I hope he gets the joke when he spots this!
  7. And thats just from when it tries to fire it's own weapons!