AC-130 Gunship Targeting Terrorists Video

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HighPriestess, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. HP That is ******* amazing!! Thanks!
  2. Thats crazy, SPAMs have far to much money to spend on ordance and they seem to train their guys to play like its a video game :?
  3. no wonder the americans always go on about taxes 8O
  4. Jash,

    Ooooooh!!!! Don't get me started on taxes! You'll never get me off my soap box!!! :evil:

    Glad everyone has enjoyed this video!

  5. Why do they keep saying 'Bang'?
  6. Speedy,

    Have no idea. Perhaps someone from our air force can answer that one.


  7. Hmmm... all that ordnance to take out one guy (at the end of the clip) cost effective?
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    The aiming is just apalling.

    I saw another version of this in 2002 where the quality was better and all around you can see MG (.50 or 20mm) splashes as well.
  9. I think they are reporting that the gun has fired. If they are all on intercom with noise cancelling due to the noisy environment and the gunner is watching the screen then he says bang when he presse the button and the loader says bang as he sees the recoil then everyone knows they have a round away and not a misfire or other failure.
  10. You have to wonder.... maybe they were all considered to be high value targets.....

    On the other hand who else remebers the AH-64 gun camera video from GW1? One guy zigzagging through the desert being persistently fired upon.
  11. If I was one of the chaps waiting for the gunship to finish before I bimbled onto the objective I think I'd be quite glad they'd spent so much trouble making sure nothing was moving.

    And as far as aiming an artillery piece from a manoeuvering aircraft goes, I don't think it's that bad at all.
  12. There are two factors at work when considering the amount of ordnance expended from the AC-130.

    One, is you're firing a weapon at a right angle to the direction of travel. The most efficent method is in the same direction of travel. The aiming is going to be off a bit. I've been told that the heavy weapons (the 40mm and 105mm) have a tendency to skid the airplane in flight.

    The second is shock value. Too bad we don't have any VN vets here to attest to it, but the older cousin (the AC-47) was used extensively in Vietnam and the shock value was tremendous. The rate of fire is such that it appears to be a continuous stream of fire. And then the effect on the ground is pretty horrific also.

    I don't have first hand knowledge of this, but I'm only going on what I've been told by those who've been there.
  13. No ****!!! :lol:

    So Mr Procurement person what options would you like on your AC-130? 40mm? Yes. 105 Yep we can do that. Heavier? Just let me look in the store.....
  14. Can anyone find this AC-130 Gunship clip that HP talsk about, the web address no longer appears valid?

    If anyone's got it, can they PM me with it or send me a hyperlink to where it can be downloaded from. Thanks.