Abusing the great unwashed.....

The university of Sheffield has had some of it's building occupied by protestors over the universities "failure" to give into it's demands.

These protestors don't have the support of the majority of students yet strangely are being backed by loads of the lecturers. A lot of the "protestors" are active members of kick 'em of campus (cnuts) and generally grade A Throbbers.

I know its student politics son doesn't really count but feel free to leave them a friendly message..........


Awaiting incoming....
What happened to the posts on the G20 summit.....? Too close to the truth about Mr Cruin maybe......?
A baby at least has an excuse for chucking it's rattle out the pram and screaming. Why can't they just go to university to get an education? Why does a student have to turn into A Student?

Regardless of what they tell themselves, if they're hampering the operation of the University in any way they're compromising the education of their fellows. That's the way it works in the big grown-up world.
Have you guys trashed this site? I can't post for some reason, having felt the urge to reincarnate trashing student web sites from ARRSE a few years ago.
Bugger :wink:


The Palestine Society, the University of Sheffield Islamic Circle, the Black Students Committee and the Jewish Society have all been invited to take part in the proposed negotiations with the University management - all of whom oppose the University’s decision to exclude the Occupiers from the negotiation process.

So they stoke a fire under the students to do it for them.....' 8O

As the demands were not drawn up by any of these groups, and they have no means of putting pressure on the university other than via the occupation,

...'So we'll do it for them'..... :roll:

Our demands remain thus:

Points 1-9 basically = 'Save Palestine and Israli students'.

We have taken this action because we believe our university should be run democratically from below by students and staff, and not in the interests of corporate profiteering. .....

These kids have got to be middle-class....got to be. Most working-class kids at uni are too busy trying to survive without a pot to p*ss in to be able to waste time in sit-down protests. They've got the next shift at McD's to contend with, whilst this lot suffer the rest of us with their privileged angst.

'Because of this belief, we express our solidarity with university workers and demand'..... That they face no cuts in jobs, wages or conditions....
Yours -
The Sheffield Occupiers.

A tasteful mix. Our young Chartists want to save Palestine AND Israli students in the morning, then university workers come early evening. Now there's diversity for you :D
I work at a University oop North having recently left the Forces after 24 years and it never ceases to amaze me how some of them think the rags that they're wearing with their arrses hanging out is somehow fashionable and a statement. I'm also told on a regular basis that I'm a cantankerous, slgihtly right of Ghenghis Khan, dinosaur :D


Put my bit :

Anonymous said...
What a bunch of time-wasting backsliding work dodgers
This is what happens,when UK Uni education is expanded from 5%(those who want to learn) to 50%(those dodging soap,and generally too thick to know on which side their brad is buttered)


Being a student myself, I have to admit that most students have no idea about the world and most of them expect it to do whatever they tell it to. I wonder if they realise that if the University donated books and computers, it would be directly supporting a terrorist group...


War Hero
Rawr said:
Being a student myself, I have to admit that most students have no idea about the world and most of them expect it to do whatever they tell it to. I wonder if they realise that if the University donated books and computers, it would be directly supporting a terrorist group...

Yes, although there's quite an interesting point of 'can a terrorist group like Hamas ever gain a certain legitimacy because they also act as the govt', which was raised by the bombing of Hamas police by the IDF not long ago. e.g. Hamas: 'they are our national police!' IDF: 'you're all terr's!'.
My view on this is that terror groups trying to displace traditional govt functions is just like the Russian mafia setting up schools or clinics in an attempt to make the crims harder to separate from society so they can build a bit of public support and continue to be crims. Just because the odd bit of ill-gotten gains may be directed back to the people in an attempt to appease them and win favour doesn't make it right. Hamas are still terrs.

But I expect I'm getting a bit offtopic with all this. As for the protestors, have they not got anything better to do, and do they not realise the Palestinians are kept in the state they are by other Arabic states who don't integrate them so they can wheel them out whenever they want to have a bit of a dig at Israel? And even university workers are going to be subject to market forces, esp at this time. Still, protest is healthy I suppose.

Students just looking for something to get their knickers in a twist over. Quelle surprise!
A group of students decided to have a BBQ and meeting to decide how best to save the planet. They spent most of Saturday steadily getting pie eyed and left behind several used disposable BBQs, a couple of plates, 6 forks, chicken bones, boxes from vege burgers and vege sausages, several glasses - some broken some not - dozens of bottles and cans as well as loads of paper and plastic etc. It stayed their until Monday morning when the grounds staff cleared up the mess.
Way to save the planets students of The Lawns.


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joey_deacons_lad said:
I wonder if they stop and think of the misery the drugs trade produces before they light up another spliff

Aye, that and the fact that British druggies support the Taliban, FARC et al!
If you actually look through their 'demands' most are actually quite reasonable. They aren't asking the university to end the occupation of Gaza, they are asking for things like scholarships for Palestinian students. They also have a lot of students backing their occupation. In the past this group has tried to engage the university in discussions and have tried other means of protest both unsuccessfully.

In fact, on a number of occasions the university has agreed to meet with them to discuss the reasons behind the occupation and then pulled out. It was also agreed by the group that no lectures would be disrupted if held in that building as they do not want o damage anybodies education. The university itself moved the lectures to try and lessen support for the protest. But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

I always find this strange, when the yoof of today have no opinion and do nothing but hang around on street corners, arrsers are the first to call them; the second they stand up for their opinion and do something about it, guess what they're all dirty soap-dodging middle class students.

ooooppppp sorry this is the NAAFI -
Dirty soap dodging, middle class students, need to get themselves to the pub so we can moan about them wasting our money on cheap beer.


Office_Linebacker said:
Just had a good read through all the comments, so easy to spot the arrsers. Some have made me chuckle... A LOT

Me too - certainly made it worthwhile reading through all the 'right on' student drivel - wouldn't have done so had I not known there was an impending crayoning by arrse bandits - its the anticipation followed by the stifled laughter as I see the nature of what I can only guess as being arrse'rs contribution.

Definitely worth a look if you've been have a shite morning like mine :D

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