Abuser leaves £400,000 to Guides

In his will, Forester-Smith left more than £1m to charity, including £312,291 each to Cancer Research UK and the Macmillan Nurses Cancer Association.

It will interesting to see if they accepted or not?
Would you turn it down? I'd have their hand off as soon as it was offered, bathing in tenners.

They're bound to accept it. Although it will probably go to some sort of prevention/victim support for abused Guides scheme....................Either that or straight into Brown Owls sky rocket.
I think they should take the money.

It's not as if he's going to reoffend.
Why should they turn it down. The bequest is left in the name of his wife who, one assumes, had links to the organisation.

Even if it wasnt, can charitable organisations afford to turn down significant donations - I think not.
And it is not as if he is still around to benefit in any way from an association with the organisation.

Non-issue here.
BiscuitsAB said:
...will they have the moral fibre to turn it down?
It's a bequest, not hush money. Where does moral fibre come into it?

Still, if they don't want it...
Blokeonabike said:
Why should they turn it down. The bequest is left in the name of his wife who, one assumes, had links to the organisation.
Probably why he married her in the first place...
I stand to be corrected but I believe a will is legally binding so, regardless of the beneficiary’s wishes, he/she/they has/have to accept the money otherwise the bequest goes to the next of kin.

If I am incorrect, then stand by for a legal battle which will consume the bequest anyway.
Surely there's money to be made by a middle man here - charge 10% to 'ethically launder' unsavoury money like this. Pretend it came from Corleone's restaurant chain or something. Everyone's a winner!
Take the money.

It is in the name of his wife, maybe she asked for it to be donated.

He could be truely repentan of his crimes.

Top and bottom of it, the Guides are in the same predicament as the allies at the end of the war, when a huge slab of medical information was given to them. The info had been obtained by torturing Jews and other prisoners (you know, like dunking people in ice water until they died to see how long it took).

The medical info is/was not evil, merely the method of its gathering. Likewise this £400,000 is not evil. Merely he donating person. Perhaps it could be put in to bringing abused girls in to the guides, or educating the guides about such action.

Accepting the money does not mean the Guides change their motto to "we love nonces".
natotattie said:
I'd accept the £400K for a few moments of being roughly fingered by an older gent.
as long as he took his rings off first mind you
When William Booth was offered money from an dodgy (can't remember how) source for the Salvation Army, he said "there is no such thing as tainted money, the only problem is 't'ain't enough."


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He did the crime, he got caught, he went to jail, he died, he left his money to some charities.

They should simply take the money. They aren't the wages of sin, and it does sound like the bloke repented.


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I can see both sides of the argument here and I would not like to be in the GG's shoes on this one. There is no doubt that £4,000,k would be of benefit to them and to their members but there are some who would feel that the money is tainted and that would taint whatever it is used for.

Perhaps the best thing they could do is take the money and quietly pass it on to a sister organisation in a less well off part of the world who would not have to know where it came from.

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