Abused Iraqi Orphans found by Coalition and Iraqi Troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Now let's translate it from English to English.

    We have seen something that was unthinkable during Saddam's rule. American invadors implanted corrupted puppet "government" that is busy to steal as much as they can. Meanwhile orphans (including those that became orphans thanks to the Americnas) are completely forgotten.
  2. Sergey thats a helluva translation. Incidentally the kids have learning difficulties, a point not made readily clear so its highly likely they would have been in care in any event. And (bad English but WTF) as the US troops found them and cared for them maybe a small thank you is in order.

    CJ I'm with you on this one - they people who didi this are scum and should be sent away for life :twisted:
  3. shocking
  4. poor angels..........there's no end of suffering for them
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    You f*cking ARRSEhole!

    Prove your statement that it wouldn't have happened in Saddam's day or go f*ck yourself with a big stick.

    Am I angry? Your Damm right this story hasn't even broken on UK television yet but they are running a lead story on SKY and BBC about fur coats made from Dogs and cats. Oh dear what a shame never mind! And if anyone here wants to get all upsept about animal rights feel free and if you don't like my opinins I don't give a sh1t.

    These children were left to die, and if you get the chance to see the full CBS footage then do so (Everyone) it is truly shocking.

    My opinion is that you can judge a society by the way it treats its most vunerable. And these children were thrown on the scrap heap literally left to die.
  6. No you're right, in Saddams day they would have been given a nice new shirt, with a pocket on the breast where an upstanding member of the Bathe Party would have placed a grenade minus the fly off lever then run away!

    Then again you probably think that Stalin was a hero of the people, especially the 26 million he exterminated!
  7. Right hate to be the hardened realist here but under Saddam whether you like to admit it or not society functioned albeit in haphazard way.
    Now with Iraqi society in turmoil the most vulnerable are being left behind - the priority of the Iraqi government is security not care for the vulnerable. Abuse is therefore going to increase in any society where basic law and order is not being met and government is not functioning properly.

    The pictures are distressing and if you are truly shocked do what I will do and support one of the few last NGOs like the IC out there.

    edited to add UN? report on health and welfare under saddam - when I find it.

  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Thats not to hard! things did run under Saddam however the kind of behaviour displayed by the guards, keepers etc is learned behaviour or do you think that they got up one morning and thought I know lets fcuk up these kids really good. I'll put a tenner on it that this kind of thing has been going on for years its just that it was hidden away. Thoughts!
  10. Too shocking for words. They were left to die; I can't get my head around the sheer level of inhumanity that whoever did this has.

    My wife's a pyschologist and deals with learning disabled kids on an everyday basis, and relates the improvements they experience by the techniques employed and their growing self confidence.

    These poor children must be so mentally scarred, where the hell do you begin ?
  11. Hi BiscuitsAB! Nice to hear you.

    As we all know Saddam (or Sharon? don't remember who exactly) used to eat children. So likely the children would await ...err his breakfast or dinner.

    You are right the children were left to die. But by whom? By current Iraqi 'government' (read a gang of American puppets). I suspect that American lawmakers approved big enough money to support Iraqi poor orphans. But how these money are being spent? Only Allah knows.

    Absolutely agree. Now we see what newly born 'Iraeqi democracy' means.
  12. I watched this on the American ABC network news on TV, a shocking discovery with plenty of pictures of US troops feeding and caring for the unfortunate youngsters . The item lasted about 5 minutes and was followed by a terse, one line by the newsreader on the US airstrike that had killed 7 children in Afghanistan. We then moved on to other news...
  13. So much for the Muslim world being a caring world.As usual, it takes the troops to find out how the Iraqi treats its vulnerable people with mental health problems.If they get the bloke who ran this centre why don't they strip him and tie him to a bed for a few years to see how he manages on what he put those poor youngsters throough.
  14. Before you continue riding that high horse of yours padner, there is somethings you need to consider. Since this war WE unleashed things have, because of it, got so insecure there that the charity Children in Need has had to leave the country.
    Now whilst it is quite understandable you getting all aerated and lashing out, but first think.
    ALL societies decend into babarism when war is unleashed upon them. Its the time when the rats in any society emerge from the sewers and take advantage of the chaos. And you have forgotten Abu Gahrib?
    Now, do you think the american architects of this war give flying fcuk for the welfare of the weak and vunerable?
    They are the main abusers of ALL the people involved in this.