Abuse on ARRSE by Private Message!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by twothreeuptwothreedown, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Wehay!!!!

    I've had my very first abusive PM's on here by two different (well maybe they're the same) members.

    Five in less than an hour!!! (that must be as good as a thousand likes!)

    verticalgyro & Furryturd have been calling me a cock!......A "COCK" I ask you!

    I have NEVER been so insulted or hurt in my life! .............................................(Well ok I'm lying)

    Has ARRSE got a bullying helpline or somebody that can give me counselling?

    I'm thinking of committing Hari Kari!
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  2. Mate literally no one on here gives you a decent answer. I'm starting depot in January for paras and I ask normal sensible posts and just get jacked off by other members
  3. Jacked off ? who by?
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  4. InternetBully.jpg
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  5. That's better than getting a grovelling PM from Afghan Kandak, at least VG gave the
    world of ARRSE 'Bellthronk' for which I will be eternally grateful even though he is a
    trough dancing yorkshire puddin'
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  6. My most entertaining PM was from Ord_Sgt, enraged that I'd noticed he was a babbling drunken idiot, who sent me his 'phone number (an overseas number, to boot) with the demand that I phone him up at once so that he could punch me.

    How he proposed to punch me by telephone from overseas was not explained.
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  7. Smack on the nose via a trunk call?
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  8. I blame Gripper Stebson from Grange Hill.

    If he hadn't also invented the internet, none of this mallarky would be happening.
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  9. That's strange, I had one like that too, from Afghan Kandak.
  10. Maybe he was going to use PCM......Punch Code Modulation.......I'll get mi' coat.
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I got a great PM from some enraged throbber who thought my avatar picture was offensive to spackers. Namely WW1 vets with neurological injuries.

    Unfortunately it was during my early weeks of Arrse membership and I sent a polite but dismissive response.

    Had it been now, I would have told him to cock off and then cyber bullied him until the Daily Mail wrote about it.
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  12. By February you'll understand the irony in that post !
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  13. Gripper was Tropper?
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  14. I mentioned this on another thread, but I used to belong to a forum called Downsizer that had some interesting discussions about country and smallholding matters, but also had a lot of middle-class bellend 'eco lifestyle' chods, and a fair few lentil-nudgers.

    One of the latter sent me a PM saying he hoped that my Chakras faded.
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  15. Anytime kid x
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