Abuse of the Police National Computer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 16, 2006.

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  1. An Inspector with West Midlands Police has been given 240 hours community service after falsely accussing his wife's lover of motoring offences.

    The Inspector used the PNC to access and find personal details of his wife's lover and issued him with prosecution notices.

    " I would like to know how this could be done without any offence being committed, secondly I hope the W*****R was sacked & not given the option to resign thus losing his Police pension. A blatent abuse of the Data protection Act."
  2. Hell hath no fury like an inspector scorned.

    What a wimp. Should have punched the guy's (?) lights out.

    But then he might have got into trouble.
  3. Fantastic! Serve the bloke right for interfering with someone's missus!
  4. Supposing that happened to you, dont think you would be too over excited about getting prosection notices through your door!. Mistersoft is correct, should have just performed the Marquis of Queensbury's rules.
  5. I might be wrong here, but it's my understanding that being sacked doesn't mean a policeman loses his pension.

    It means he has to wait until state retirement age to receive whatever pension his length of service at the time of sacking has accrued.
  6. He got of very lightly if all he got was community service.
    Where I work as well as the criminal prosecution it is a straightforward sacking offence.
  7. Agreed. On the facts as reported, this was even worse misconduct than misuse of police computers to "do someone a favour". Issuing false charges is a textbook example of oppression of the subject.

    No link supplied, so here is one to the Telegraph.
  8. He should have done what every other copper would have done. Planted some dope on him.
  9. Noooo...I don't believe for one second that our hard working boys in blue could be capable of such a thing... :plotting:
  10. Just think how great it'll be with the National Identity Register..
  11. Aren't coppers bad. We never abused VENGEFUL in NI. I blame the lack of discipline.
  12. Nope. Nothing in what I said was aimed at the force. How can it have been, since I obviously support the force's actions in investigating and reporting these crimes as well as taking disciplinary action. Cheers