Abuse of Power or Victimisation?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by western, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Either way, the result of this one should tittilate if nothing else:

  2. I saw this early today, it look like shes been caught out but is playing the victim card.
  3. Be interesting to watch the way the tribunal unfolds. I have a theory or to but they must be saved until the end of the case.
  4. Agreed. The question to ask is if the Sgt had been male, would she have still be short-toured and reprimanded? I'd guess the answer would probably be yes. She mis-used her position for her own gain.
  5. Although if the sgt had been male they wouldnt have been sharing a tent. If an officer in the RMP was found to be shagging a subordinate on tour, its highly likily they would have to leave theatre regardless of what sex they are.
  6. The fact shes a Lezzer has nothing to do with.

    Shagging across the rank boundary isnt allowed - it happens, but normally on the understanding when you get caught, your career is screwed.

    Dry your eyes and your quim, and consider the idiocy of telling the papers how youve been wronged, when in fact youve just contravened a position of authority, and been getting laid in a warzone where lads are lucky to get ten minutes n a sh!tbox with a **** mag.
  7. I guess you mean shagging across the rank boundary in the same chain of command? Otherwise it's fine (officially...)
  8. I'm with Maj Osman on this (in opinion, of course), "It would be inappropriate to comment at this stage".
  9. Quite OK to comment about something in the public domain as long as the comments are limited to general facts already in the public domain.
  10. I know but there is so little in the public domain that there will just be much sniggering with thoughts of lesbian officers posting their lower rank lovers to the same tent as themselves. Hardly conclusive, insightful or useful. So that's why I'm out (of the discussion).
  11. OK just for you:

  12. Yep, those statements certainly shed more light on the subject. It will be interesting to see what the final judgement is, or indeed if it appears to be influenced by political correctness.
  13. By allowing herself to be put into a situation where her integrity could even be suspected shows a serious lack of judgement at the very, very least. In these situations, sexuality has nothing to do with it, whereas rank and judgement (or lack thereof) has everything.
  14. The plot thickens?

  15. Lezzers always seem to have a yellow, pallid skin-tone. Can we attribute this to sucking on gallons of quim juice over the years? Their livers must be buggered.