Abuse of cap Badge and Motto

I don't know about you Chaps but I am pretty seriously Fucked Off about this bunch of Septic tossers abusing our Motto and Cap Badge:


I won't even bother to call them Walts as they don't deserve that accolade!

Can anyone with knowledge based near the Packway or in Main Building have a shot at a Copyright action?

Some things are worth protecting!

Edited for mong speeling!!
How strange.
Ahem Grem...

Motto not Moto (unless you are referring to motorway service facilities..)

Interesting to note that " Lt. Colonel Sir William B. Speir, Jr., KRO" is attempting to claim copyright to the RA coat of arms...

I wonder if the College of Heralds are aware of this claim!

Septics... gotta love 'em!

Still, Ubique and all that....
niner_domestic said:
wait out, I did recently check out the copyright info off the MOD site...I'll dig it up.

Here we go: http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/Copyright/

and here: http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/Copyright/TermsOfUseForCrownCopyrightMaterial.htm

Grem, send a note along to the legal folks.. let them chase it down.
Cheers Niner, email sent to the Crown Copyright Administrator:

Dear Sir,

Can I refer you to this website, where the webmaster has not only used a Crown Copyrighted item, but has also
altered the image and claimed Copyright for himself.

I refer to the Image of the Royal Artillery cap badge.


Would it be possible for you to force him to remove it, as I and several other ex Gunners do not appreciate
our Cap Badge and Motto being abused in this way.

It may appear to be a trival matter, but it is just the thin end of the wedge in terms of Military Imposters.

Anything that you can do will be appreciated

Regards etc.....
Well, if we're quoting ... my email to the Septic Toy Soldiers:


My late Father was a member of the Royal Regiment of Artillery in the British Army. I served [in a different area] for 30 years.

I suspect he [and indeed all “Gunners” past and present] would be seriously unhappy by your misuse of a facsimile of the Royal Artillery cap-badge.

Gentlemen, I know and understand the American enthusiasm for re-enactment societies, and indeed I personally support those at Ft. Ward, Alexandria, VA. But this is, perhaps, a step too far.
You have your own, American, Artillery Badge … use that with pride. Please don’t borrow another Nation’s “Battle Honor” …

“Ubique” is Latin for “Everywhere”, which is why the RA do not have individual Battle Honors. Their guns are their honors … everywhere.

Please change the badge. It won’t take you long, or cost much, to avoid embarrassment.

With regards,

[signed with former rank]
Random_Task said:
HarryPalmer said:
Are they Yanks or Aussies?

Apparently "Hutt River" is a micronation (75 square kilometres) near Perth, Western Australia.

But scroll down to the bottom of the page:


Guess who's involved?
L L L L L Legion of Frontiersman? (didn't cheat and look at the link) do I win a goldfish/cuddly toy?
It was THAT predictable then?

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