Abuse me, Sabrina...

Fancy some abuse from Sabrina?

  • She can humiliate me over my genital inadequacy any day

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  • No thanks, I'd prefer Lynddie

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  • OK, but put a sack over my head first

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Hmmm ok I ticked choice 1 but I've been reconsidering, this one gets off on necrophillia, I think I'll stick with Lynddie at least she drags you around while you're still alive. :lol:
Remember yon lass has been in Iraq for awhile, so I reckon she scrubs up well but the necrophilia........? Ok as long as I shoot me load first love :twisted:
and i was thinking "Sabrina the teenage witch" AKA Millissa joan hart
you shattered my vinegar strokes as i was about to log into the threads :roll:


chickenpunk said:
Now, in comparison to Lynddie, this one doesn't look too gopping:
Except that "she" kinda looks like a "he" (CIA or "civilian contractors" gadda be a weird bunch and this could be one of 'em :roll: ) in this tortuous pose. Maybe there are a couple more (like a full porno web site!) of this babe with her trying on and off her camos so we can all do a triangulation or at least a

(speaking of torture)
to verify the goods. :wink:

Other wise, caveat emptor . . .

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