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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by abacus, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. So fair enough for personal uploads and especially for personal uploads into the Truth Behind The Username (attention seeking whores that some of us are). :lol:

    However, the recent photos uploaded to ARRSE Pi$$ Ups and Social Events have attracted an - in my opinion - ridiculous amount of unwarranted abuse.

    Folks, these are photos of ARRSErs out having a good time together. Describing the girls in the most unflattering terms imaginable will only result in people refusing to put pics in and - again in my opinion - will result in the site losing an attraction.

    Mods - I would ask you to have a look at some of the more negative comments. The same people can be seen again and again posting both mindless drivel and pointed abuse, not only in the Gallery, but also in the ACF and OTC forum and are as apt to criticise someone in any of the serious forums as they are in the NAAFI Bar.
  2. Stop being a rose smelling puff. Get some swingers between your womanly thighs.
  3. Woah there big man. Phone call for you. Something to do with a pot, kettle and the colour black.

    If people can't take the abuse then they shouldn't give it out.

    Did you not just call GB a cnut?

    I would recomend that you practise what you preach, before gobbing off.
  4. GB is a cnut everyone knows that it wasn't an insult just Abs stating a well known fact
  5. Stabtiffy - go and read it again - I deliberately responded to that poster because of an unwarranted comment he made to Liz. And I did so beside his comment so that he would see exactly what I thought of it. Subsequently, and instead of continuing the spiral into the cesspool with him I decided to raise the issue here in public debate.

    As far as pot calling kettle black, if G_B ever puts a photo of himself in the gallery then - and only then - have you the right to comment on what I may or may not do.

    Feel free to edit your post, we're all allowed to get it wrong occasionally and I note your abuse has stopped since the girls had "a word" with you.
  6. Hardly. I'm just aware of what the CO's will let me get away with without blocking my PMs :wink: . The only thing I'd touch them with is a cattle prod (with the exception of trolly).

    At the end of the day, if people can't take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. I'm honest in my opinions of others and I can take their retalitation. If some people can't, then they're probably in the wrong place.
  7. Seeing from whom the comment (yup, just the one) originated from I am asking myself whether this is a problem that needs taking seriously.

    As far as I can tell most of what the poster normally says is close to the bone or abuse. It is hardly out of character. Can this safely be ignored or is it entirely without precedent that something must be undertaken?

    I think the images of what I can only term as humiliation of Stabtiffy where he was still recognisable more unfortunate and were in need of action by the mods which duly happened...

    Not getting mixed up in the he said, she said thing by the way.
  8. Abacus or indeed Abs,

    Stop whining like a bird and take life like the man you are supposed to represent.

    At present you are acting like Superman without his " S " logo shirt. Has someone taken away your talisman ( ARRse socks)?.

    Take deep breaths and allow the young Smooje to slip out of your secret haven, at least give him a chance to shoot his watery tech load onto your slim, childlike chest.

    I look forward to your input......mmmmmmm........input.
  9. The photo is there if you look for it. Watch you don't get too assaulted by the smell of slipstream and Avgas though.
    In all honesty it will smell better than the stench of diesel and dougnuts from your combat handbag.
  10. This site has its own areas where abuse is to be taken on the chin, ie. The NAAFI! The photo album is showing a group of people having a good time and getting along well. Why dish out the abuse on those???? The abuser may just as well be sending a PM to that person and offensive regular abuse is not what its about. Why make the effort to go and view on numerous occasions just to dish it out? Its not even banter, its very harsh and very nasty.
  11. Exactly my point. Anything uploaded by self - don't complain. Anything uploaded by others is a problem - as Good CO noted for your pictures.

    I ask you AGAIN to read my first post where I specified that quite clearly. The photos of both crawls represent a bunch of ARRSErs all having a good time (even you have to recognise that your life wasn't actually in danger and you were as much a part of the night as anyone). Why it is necessary for such pointed personal comments I have no idea.

    Why so many others seem to find them acceptable - or at least are unwilling to pass comment about the comments - I also have no idea. But as far as me getting "swingers between my legs" though, as G_B suggested, I am more than happy to stand up to bullies on anyone's behalf. And will continue to do so.
  12. Now that is genuinely funny G_B. Why can't you do more like that instead of your usual vindictive garbage?
  13. Rather than subject the rest of arrse to our dullness, I'll continue via PM.
  14. I think you may be referring to myself here.

    I think I may have used unfortunate wording in so far as I don't think it is acceptable but judging by the source hardly surprising. I seem to glance at such posts and then after a check of the poster knows they can safely be ignored.

    Some find particular joy being generally abusive to all and sundry sometimes it is funny other times it isn’t. At no point however should it be taken seriously.
  15. The Smoojalooge thinks G_B is bothered by dreams of small boys every night
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