Abuse claims probe at army centre

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/4453919.stm

    Situation in Russian army is maybe even worse. Look


    but beating of sleeping... it's beyond rules.

    What do you think about this case in Scotland? It is rare isolated case or rather a tradition?

    I remember one case. A soldier (Russian one) was severely beaten by his mates but he denied even fact of beating. It is a tradition of Russian army: soldier who is complaining is not true soldier.
  2. Frankly speaking I'm puzzled. Is this theme uninteresting or unimportant?
  3. It's going on elsewhere on the forum old chap
  4. It's the pretend Russsian that makes me laugh...........I can hear him at his keyboard doing the bad guy impersonations........"So we meet again, Meester Bond......."

    Beat it you c*nt.
  5. Couldn't agree more. In my family, we were infiltrated as deep cover sleepers into Marlborough and Christ College Cambridge, before returning to the KGB Officer Academy. As a result we speak perfect English, with perhaps just a hint of a Kensington drawl, don't yer know? My uncle however drew the worst assignment, he got Balls Pond Road Seconary Modern and the RCT Junior Leaders...today he is a Colonel General in the KGB when on leave but the rest of the time he is a Staff Sergeant on DROPS. Za Russkya!
  6. Dear Benjamin! It explains all.
  7. Dear friend!

    Thank you for your polite replay. It's very kind of you to spend your costless time for such a insignificant person as your obeyed servant. Though, it seems to me that you are too nervous. It's not good, it may lead to high blood pressure but her majesty needs you to defend the Crown.

    As you used this word (c*nt) then I make a conclusion that you would be interested in its Russian analog.

    PIZDA=C*NT with the same meaning, also (as in English) it can mean woman (both ugly and handsome depending on context).

    Russian is very rich on expressions of this sort. Suppose that you are on peacekeeping operation with Russian friend and he proposes very risky operation. Say in this situation


    No doubt you Russian friend (in this imaginary situation) would be very attentive to your arguments.

    NAKRYTSYA PISDOY means mm... very bad end.

    BLYAD - universal word that originally means woman without strict rules but this word can be used anywhere with plenty of meanings.

    EBANY V ROT means "had oral sex" (ROT=mouth)

    PIZDABOL - this word has many meanings. One of them - man who tells silly things.

    KHUEV - literally "belongs to penis"

    Another derivatives from Russian analog of your favorite word

    PIZDATY tank (very good tank)
    PIZDANUTY driver (crazy driver)
    PIZDETS to tank (bad prediction for tank's future or constatation of fact)
    PIZDET - talk, tell anecdotes, unrealistic stories.
    SPIZDET - steal
    PIZDANUT - to hit.
    and so on and so forth.
  8. Dear Cuddles!

    Right variant would be Za Rossiyu. You can laugh but I'm indeed Russian and live in Moscow.
  9. I laugh at anybody that lives in Moscow, but you're as Russian as Milton Keynes.

  10. Dear friend!

    I'm curious, why do you think that i'm not Russian?

    Sergey Poleshchuk.
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I look forward to the first use of the term "PIZDABOL" in ARRSE abuse
  12. S'oodavolstvyem :lol:
  13. Well thank you comrade for that. What's the weather like in Guildford today??

    Onwards Stakhanovite ARRSers, we must post 16 million more postings this quarter, if the five year plan is to be realised and the forces of imperialist Bush cast down!
  14. Raining... About half hour ago I drove my car along Balaklavsky (Balaklava) prospect and on crossing with Sevastopolsky prospect (it's Russian spelling of Sebastopol) I thanked God that new road scheme was introduced recently there - very convenient one. Moscow is overcrowded by cars.
  15. Севастопольский пр surely?