Abul Kibria - Immigration policy going wrong again...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hellfyyr, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. All,
    Whether for or against current immigration policy, I would ask you to read the story at the attached link and if you think this is unfair (I would be amazed if any right thinking person would consider this situation fair, or British more importantly) please sign the online petition.

    The overarching issue here is that each time the decision is made to treat a case so poorly and the Home Office get away with it, making poor decisions that can not be defended, it renders the system for getting undesirables out weaker; as the perception is that the system is completely flawed.

    Come on guys, lets get this lad a few signatures, I am sure few of you can disagree he should be granted leave to remain.

  2. No one takes any notice of online petitions they are open to abuse, one person could add loads of "signatures". Sorry but there it is.
  3. This is the correct thread for comments please guys, sorry for confusion!
  4. I take it you ignored the General Election too as you were positive Labour would get in again...

    Are you aware of the term apathy?
  5. Monsoon Ditch wrote

    Yip. If that is a hit counter at 297 on my visit it's odd that there are (on the same visit) 456 names in the petition. There are several explanations but the one above seems most likely.

  6. The general election is a lot different from an online petition, any online petition. Even allowing for labours attempts at banana republic voting (postal votes) the general election is fairly honest and fraud free. Online petitions by their nature are open to fraud. Anyone with a phone book and a half hour to spare can add names to the petition.

    So you think I'm apathetic because I think online petitions are a waste of time ?

    I don't bother with ANY online petitions. 100 handwritten letters from different people would count for more than this petition. If I think something is worth going for I will write a letter to the MP etc etc.

    Edited for spelling
  7. As someone in this line of work, and looking at his website, it appears that he must have claimed asylum 12 years ago and that he has gone through three various appeal processes right upto to Judicial review and failed them all. He states that he has no criminal record .He claimed asylum in-country, ie not claimed at a port of entry such as an airport or Dover, and so he has broken immigration law as he evaded control by using an agent to facilitate his entry to the UK - which means he/his family PAID that agent to bring him to the UK. It also means that if he was fleeing from persecution, and Bangladesh isn't excatly high on persecuting countries - and used an agent he must have gone through several OTHER safe countries to get to the UK. I admit that it does seem harsh, and that he is probably a law abiding citizen. All he had to do in that long time, was get his Bangladeshi passport and apply for a visa to remain in the UK as a student, which would probably have been given. Indeed, when/if he goes back that is what he has to do to re-enter the UK.
    Granted we are not talking about the thousands of iraqi asylum seekers who do naff all for this country and that he seems to be a credit to himself however, it is a bit like (and I know this will get some grief) doing a robbery and after 12 years of appealing, you get sent to prison and moaning about it.
    You can enter the UK legally and stay here legally from anywhere in the world. He chose not to.
  8. Mate look at the site properley (www.abulmuststay.co.uk) you will se that he is collecting signetures on paper as we as online, which you can download, which will explain the 456 petition count.

    How can you compare him to someone doing a robbery for 12 years.... You think he knew what was going on, He was 11 when he was bought here, he thought he was going on holiday, he was abondened. The guy has been stuying ever since he got here, all he knows is the UK.

    Its a disgrace what the Home Office is doing to him, they are abondening him again, he cant even read or write.

    Show some compassion, imagine if you were n that situation, would you pay for someone elses mistake.

    Do the humanity a favour and sign the petition or download his paper one and collect some more.

    Do the right thing.
  9. I urge you to read all the contents on his website before you make any comments:


    1. He was abondened, He had no choice in the matter.
    2. He was 11 years old.
    3. The Judge recomended that the Home Office should reconsider.
    4. He stayed in education.
    5. He has no one there in bangladesh.
    6. Cannot read or write in bengali.


    all I am saying is it would be against Human Rights, Give him the chance he deserves.