Abu Qhaith in the big apple

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Newjarheaddean, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. AHOY,

    IMO he is under protective custody. And to me the most interesting questions I would have for him would be, what did the Iranians ask you about mr. ghaith?

    And why did you go to Turkey, why not hang out a free man in Iran?

  2. The Republican'ts are enraged that Abu Qhaith wasn't transported to Gitmo to face a military tribunal. But Thursday I heard an explanation for this on the news. He is being charged with conspiracy. Conspiracy is not a war crime so cannot be tried by a tribunal. Further, on Friday's news they recounted two other terrorists who have been tried and convicted in Federal Court in Manhattan and both are banged up for life in super-max facilities. No problem with security at the court house, either, like they have been predicting. The FBI, USM and others are well trained and doing their jobs.

    "When they get him into the federal court system, he will lawyer up and stop talking." Odd. He's already dictated a twenty-two page statement.
  3. I think James and the Giant Peach is much more interesting to be honest.
  4. You have an interest in young James's giant peach?

    Does the word 'oaktree' mean anything to you?
  5. When you say young, how young?
  6. AHOY,

    Fireplace, I have little doubt that you are an intelligent person that keeps up with and fallows and has pretty much mastered the "official revealed facts".

    To my detriment or credit, depending on your views on matters, I always try to read between the lines and figure out the "actual kings truth". I don't mean that religiously I mean it in terms of those running the show.

    Like the "conspiracy" charge. Who decided to charge him with that? I would suggest any number of other terrorist could have been charged with that. Like the two other terrorist you mentioned. IMO informants.

    As far as being "banged up" for life in Federal facilities goes. I would suggest that with those places its just about impossible for someone to visit you i.e. prove you are there. IMO these places are not unlike the joke about "Fort Knox" i.e. the U.S. federal gold depository. The joke goes like this. The reason it is guarded so well, is not due to all the gold in there, but because of all the gold that is not there.

    I mean I can't even get in to see my family members in state prisons.

    And also your mention of the FBI, and USMs being able to handle things is right on imo. And I would add that this proves "they" members of this so called al qaeda organization are not among us. IMo al qaeda as a world wide muslim terrorist organization is a fantasy drummed up, so the MICC military industrial, congressional, complex can continue to "play war".

    Like I have asked before, what member of the Mujahideen suggested one day that he was tired of being a "warrior of god" and thought they might change the name to the base.

    UBL did not offer the services of the "base" to the Saudis after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. He suggested the Saudis let the Mujahideen fight for the "Kingdom".

    Sorry to go on for so long.

  7. Is there a Google link between Evostik and ARRSE?
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  8. AHOY,

    Well it appears my ability to post new threads has been taken away. I had it last night thus I was able to post this thread. So maybe this site is not the truly free European site I thought I had found.

    No (E) "foot print of freedom" here?

  9. 'Freedom of speech' is not the same as 'obligation to speak'. It also confers no automatic obligation on the audience to listen or provide a platform.

    Don't like it? Oh, dear. I suppose we'll just have to somehow come to terms with that.
  10. He's confusing Freedom of Speech with Right of Publication. Freedom of speech is exactly that, speech. He wants the right to have his musings published uncritically by this website.

    They are not the same thing.
  11. Anyone got shares in Alcan? I believe they are doing roaring trade this weekend
  12. AHOY,

    So you all I guess you missed the line on the welcome page about this site being open to all. Maybe someone should add the line, "that drink the same kool aid as the other members. And RQMS you think if I made some big voluntary contributions the webmaster and other members might have let me have more "freedom" of publication, lol

    And that comes with copyright too right?

  13. AHOY,

    Go fuck yourself with a pineapple.

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  14. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Who in hell is this mong? Can we not alert Jumpingjarhead and havevsomething done about it?
  15. Have you not read the sticky threads?