Abu Qatada Could Be 'Deported In Days'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Abu Qatada Could Be 'Deported In Days'

    Abu Qatada could be removed from the UK by the end of the week after the King of Jordan approved a new treaty designed to prompt the radical cleric's deportation.

    Government sources say the agreement, unveiled by the Home Secretary in April, aims to allay fears that evidence extracted through torture will be used against the terror suspect at a retrial.

    Last month, Qatada unexpectedly volunteered to leave the country as soon as the treaty between the UK and Jordan was ratified by both countries.

    The treaty must be published in the Jordanian Government's Official Gazette before the Jordanian process is complete, while the UK Government expects the treaty to be ratified in Britain by Friday.

    Security Minister James Brokenshire said: "The Government remains committed to securing Abu Qatada's deportation as quickly as possible."
  2. Days... 1 (please guess how many zeros follow).
  3. Can we not deport him over several days.....you know......a piece at a time?
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  4. I like that idea, we could send his leg for example then check to see it's not being tortured before sending other body parts, the moment there is a hint of mistreatement we stop sending bits of him. just for his protection you understand.
  5. Martyr here, Martyr there.

    He won't care, he's desperate to return to some stoneage medieval existance and a hot sweaty Jordanian nick will offer him all that, and more
  6. He'd have been gone months ago if the Home Secretary knew how to use a calendar.
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  7. Just keep him away from the Ecuadorian Embassy.
  8. AlienFTM

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  9. Cold_Collation

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    Emperor's new clothes, innit? For a man desperate to make this place so, he seems rather desperate to hang on to all that this country currently is.
  10. Yawn, how many times before have we heard this? I'll celebrate once he's actually gone.
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  11. Funny that. Aunty Beeb said that he could be moved "in weeks, rather than months" after the Jordanian authorities had ratified the agreement...
  12. I think you'll see him moving very fast once the Jordanians ratify, probably to Pakistan.
  13. What does it matter?

    You can cut off the head .......
  14. If that's the case we should have done it ages ago.
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  15. Was going to say what's the likelihood of him now doing an Assange? If not Ecuador somewhere else...

    Mind you- to be a fly on the wall...
    "Ah... Senor Assange? You are to have some company afraid you'll have to bunk up in the same bed..."

    That should get Jules on the next flight to Stockholm
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