Abu Qatada arrested again!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mexeman, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. Hopefully the timing is perfect so that come Monday night the twat is on a plane out of here.

    But, here in the real world, the fucker will still be having breakfast, on us, on Tuesday.
  2. AHOY,

    Are you talking about abu ghaith? IMO he is under protective custody. And to me the most interesting questions I would have for him would be, what did the Iranians ask you about mr. ghaith?

    And why did you go to Turkey, why not hang out a free man in Iran?

  3. AHOY,

    I just realized you are not talking about Abu Ghaith, LOL at myself. Anyways imo the same could be said for Qatada minus the trip to Turkey and the questioning in Iran.

    ANYWAYS!, IMO ultimately, its the "have"/wealthy against the "have not"/poor. IMO those running things are "playing war" not fighting it. i.e. its a industry i.e. business.

    I apologize if my post/replies upsets you. I really was just looking for a post to make, in order to test some changes I made to my settings.

    I well not return to your thread if I receive no reply.

  4. Qatada can't even do one honourable thing: resist arrest by a speciality armed response unit.
  5. No apology required.

    You know that glue you are sniffing - why not try drinking it?
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  6. Ain't no one shot that cunt yet?

    'Will no one rid me of that troublesome priest?'

    Henry II got it bang on.
  7. AHOY! Go fuck yourself with a rusty blunt bayonet!
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  8. Another big noting goat fucker I expect! (No offence Goatman) Throw the bastard in a razor wire pit, let him thrash around for a while, then set the cunt alight with kerosene.
  9. So, what are you trying to say?

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  10. I can't stand bleeding heart left wing liberals like you, giving a goat molesting boy raping cunt like that the soft option.:)
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  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Are you online because no real people will speak to you ?
  12. And here was me wondering why I don't frequent this site much nowadays.

    Have you pair of window-licking cunts even hit puberty?
  13. You appear to be American. Watch and inwardly digest.

    The Waterboy - Don't Smoke Crack - YouTube
  14. You obviously wank too much and are unable to read the sig at the bottom of my posts. Stop wanking you wanker.