Abu Musabd al-Zarqawi may have been killed late Wednesday

BAGHDAD (AP)--Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was expected to make an important announcement at a news conference in Baghdad Thursday, one of his advisers said.

Al-Maliki adviser Adnan al-Kazimi told The AP he had heard a report that Jordanian terrorism mastermind Abu Musabd al-Zarqawi may have been killed late Wednesday in Baghdad.

Al-Kazimi said he couldn't confirm the report.

He said al-Maliki was scheduled to shortly give a news conference along with the top U.S. general in Iraq, Gen. George Casey.
Got a Regi Dinner later..... May be a cause for even more beer and Port if these reports are true. I hope Satan is sharpening his pitchfork...
BBC correspondent in the sands reports Prime Minister announcement has just been played .. more details expected v soon.

Another one bites the dust, three more pop up.
whiffler said:
Another one bites the dust, three more pop up.
Indeed one man does not an insurgency make; removing the head is one thing, ensuring the power vacuum left behind remains empty is quite another. Still worth a beer or two tonight though.

Oh... and I hope it hurt like hell.
Let's hope that when he got to his afterlife all the virgins were gone. I shall raise a glass to the fatherless if this info is gen. :)

Don't we all?

And if the insurgency is as prone to infighting as the government appears to be, any power vacuum might take a while to fill...
If it is true ..... lets bury him covered in pig fat ........ head facing west ............ and let us hope the devil loves his food cooked in pig fat :)

Abu Musabd al-Zarqawi WILL be one of the virgins!! (Heads down for the big Al Quada, dry bum gang bang for all eternity Abu!!)
Yep - our systems have picked up the following:

Iraqi PM confirms Zarqawi death (BBC)

Iraqi PM confirms Zarqawi death (Reuters)


Al-Qaida's chief Zarqawi killed in US bombing raid (Xinhua)

If you're interested, on www.tt-iraq.com you'll be able to pick up further developments & comment during the day.


Good riddance mind you if he had lived in 10 years time he would have had a office in Westminster and a partner in peace with a Nobel prize for freedom fighting
Apparently killed in an airstrike. Not quite the rusty razor blade to the neck he had coming.

It was only last week that he was inciting the Sunnis to go out and kill while in the next breath winding up the shias by calling Sistani an atheist. His demise may not radically change things but the insurgency has lost a grade A sh1t stirrer.
At last some good news. Smother his stinking carcass in pig fat, sew him up in a pig skin and then cremate him. I shall definately be having a few glasses in celebration tonight.

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