Abu Hamza

Now call me cynical or even paranoid, but is it not a little odd that Hamza is only NOW being investigated for possible "Incitement" and other "Terrorism Related" charges by Scotland Yard?

Did the Met Police have a strong presence around the Finsbury Park Mosque every Friday or not.we know they did so why have they only now decided to investigate such allegations?

Perhaps...a suitable delay in order to prevent a Muslim voter backlash in the run up to an early election by holding up any extradition to the US?

Who can I complain to about the obvious failure of the Met Police to recognise 'Incitement to commit acts of Terrorism' when it has now apparently stared them so obviously in the face?

Labour Government.....................scum :evil:
You would have to write to Blind Pugh, who is in charge of the police. Perhaps if you enclose a bag of doggy choc drops he may be inclined to look more kindly upon your letter.

You have to hand it to New Labour - just when you think they've reached rock bottom in the complete-lack-of-morals department they come up with something new!

As you say - scum. :twisted:

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