Abu Hamza...so NOW there is a case to answer?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. So after months of investigation, after years of intolerant sermons, after a number of significant other VERY recent factors and the final points, a soon to be called General Election and the imminent deportation of said individual to the USA there is a case to answer!!

    So much for the apparently greatly sought after investigational skills of the Met and SB :wink: Unless of course you want to pacify a particular voting block 8O
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The whole thing swings from PC to "Look Hard" and back to PC when all they need to do is cable tie the turd into a post office bag with half a dozen bricks and give him the unwanted dog treatment in the Grand Union Canal.
  3. Questions

    Why are you interested in Abu Hamza? Is it because..........

    A) What he has said?

    B) You believe he is a direct threat to UK citizens?


    C) Both of the above statements?
  4. Although my beliefs with regard to the level of threat posed by Abu Hamza to citizens of the UK are not entirely pertinent I will answer 'C' to your question.

    a) Now if you believe he is a threat to the UK and its citizens are you not, a little perturbed that it takes an extradition request from the US to jump start this Government into action? more so now when there are apparently grounds for a charge.

    b) Do you also not find it a little disconcerting that our Security Service failed to recognise and recommend action based on the level of threat that has apparently only after many years been identified by the investigational genius of the Met?

    c) Could this not be; given both the issue of inaction before the extradition request and the subsequent charging and general reluctance to hand him over to a more robust judicial system; a cynical manipulation of a major Labour voting block? After all is not the 'Beloved Leader' (all praises to him) determined to win a third term?

    This is taken from Todays Telegraph

    Hamza's case in Britain will halt US extradition
    By John Steele, Home Affairs Correspondent
    (Filed: 16/10/2004)

    Abu Hamza, the Muslim cleric wanted by the Americans for alleged terrorist offences, is to face a prosecution in the British courts that will sideline the United States extradition.

    It is understood that the case against Hamza will be brought substantially under criminal, rather than terrorist legislation.

    Hamza may be charged over the weekend
    The most serious allegation is believed to involve alleged incitement to racial hatred. There may, however, also be a charge under one of the "lesser" provisions of the Terrorism Act 2000, which has a range of charges according to sources.

    By last night, Hamza had not been formally charged. However, it is understood that the Crown Prosecution Service had advised Scotland Yard, whose anti-terrorist branch investigated Hamza, that there was sufficient evidence to charge him.

    Detectives now have to go through the formal process of removing Hamza from Belmarsh high security prison in south-east London, where he has been held in custody on the extradition warrant since May, to charge him. Sources suggested that this could take place over the weekend or on Monday.

    The CPS advice to Scotland Yard followed consultation with the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, who is understood to have sanctioned the charging of Hamza after a lengthy consideration of the papers in the case.

    Although the Attorney's role is ostensibly a legal one, few in police and legal circles doubt the Hamza decision has deeply political ramifications, as a prosecution of the 47-year-old former iman of the Finsbury Park mosque in north London would put him out of the reach of US prosecutors for some time.

    However, Lord Goldsmith is understood to favour trials in the British jurisdiction if the evidence justifies them. One anti-terrorist source said: "Does Britain want to be sending people to the US at the moment, with all the issues around Guantanamo Bay?"

    One of the co-conspirators alleged in the US case is Feroz Abbasi, from Croydon, who is being held in Guantanamo Bay. Hamza's lawyers planned to mount a strenuous challenge to any evidence advanced against their client from statements made by Abbasi.

    A full hearing of the Hamza extradition was due to be held in Bow Street magistrates court next Tuesday but it will be adjourned.

    If, as expected, Hamza is charged and the extradition case, which began in May, is sidelined, his lawyers will almost certainly raise the question of bail, which has been refused in the extradition case.

    Incitement to racial hatred carries a potential jail sentence but it is a criminal matter and the Crown may not be able to oppose bail on the same grounds as they have used in the extradition case.

    Now then what would you consider to be the more serious allegation?
  5. and the cheeky b*stard appealing against having his citizenship revoked , he's lucky he hasn't had his membership of the human race revoked !!

    i mean , what sort of regime are they running in belmarsh when this odious pr*ck hasn't managed to "fall down the stairs" yet ..... it's not as if he could grab the bannister if someone "helped" him.
  6. Reason for my question is that I think the media is too obsessed with Abu Hamza

    The dedicated terrorist is going to blend into society (go grey), they're not going to have anything to do with Abu Hamza because he's just too visable. Being so visable I suspect its easy for MI5 to watch him and his fellow supporters. If he has committed a crime, let PC plod sort him out (through the courts *).

    I suspect that the goverment advisers share my view and see Abu Hamza as a bit of a joke, thats why nothing has happened, they're just waiting to see what the police come up with.

    But I would agree with Letterwritingman, that the recent action may be political. David (Mad Dog) Blunkett is feeling the pressure from the media about Abu Hamza and in turn is putting pressure on the CPS to do something.

    The biggest enemy as I see are parts of the media, worse case would be if community relationships started to break down due to fear of muslims / asylum seekers / anyone who stands out...............

    (*I know some readers of this site would favour more direct action :wink:)
  7. yes i agree with the fact that the actual terrorists will be grey men , hamzas forte is by becoming a figurehead , and spewing his hate filled b*llocks against the country that keeps him in state benefits and a free house , he attracts recruits and funds , he certainly wont be getting his hand dirty .... thats the poor f*cker who's been employed to wipe his arrse's job , he should just be left to rot somewhere quietly till the world forgets about him.
  8. Totally agree with you short fuse.

    Although he will not partake in direct terrorist action, he will incite and recruit these "new" terrorists, who will become the grey men. Therefore he is as much a threat as these grey men will undoubtly become.
  9. all i need is a knife, a dark alley way with no lighting and me with Hamza , one on one i will slot him him good.
    he is a waste of space
  10. But he has 2 hooks!
  11. evens the oods up a bit , they can't say i killed a helpless man now can they :lol:
  12. Before all this is done why not give him the running man treatment first.

    Pain we love pain :twisted:
  13. I think the point is being lost..................The question is not what we would like to do to him or even what he has done. Ultimately, it is the question of why NOW after many years of Friday rants and on the eve of his extradition to the US and it's more robust Legal system is Abu Hamza found to have a charge to face here in the UK?

    There have been ample opportunities in the past to bring these same charges; lesser charges than those that he faces in the US! If it is only now that the Attorney General see's that there is a case to answer then the case against him must be very flimsy; if it is strong then the Met Pol and the Government have both in their own way failed the citizens of this country. The Met for standing by and even protecting a criminal as he commited his alleged offence, at the very least dereliction of duty worst case a good Lawyer could argue complicity.

    As to the Government they are guilty of failing in their duty to protect the citizens of this country by not ensuring that the Security Service's are able to uphold the rule of Law.

    Finally with a General Election looming it would not be wise to Pee off a significant group of the Labour vote would it? :roll:
  14. With this bunch of liars and charlatans in power, they will go to any length to secure the Dear Leader a third term in power. By ensuring that, they will finally achieve what they have been trying to do by stealth, namely the Politicalisation of the civil service, BBc and others.

    I feel sorry for the next Political party who does manage to rip power from the claws of these leeches. They will have one almighty mess to try and sort out :(
  15. well i would say with regard to the legal proceess is either jail him for a long time and then extradite him to USA or Extradite him straight to USA .
    i would choose to jail him for 15 years max and then when its time to release him re-arrest him and extradite him to USA for sentencing to either the electric chair or another 15 years in prison :twisted:
    he may as well hang himself with that hanging over his head