Abu Hamza One Step Closer to Free Trip to the US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. One more step closer to getting shot of the horrible little man. Now we just have to hope that the Law Lords are as equally sensible as High Court and tell him to bugger off as well. Which would make me highly pleased. :)

    I do have one question though, since we introduced the Human Rights Act to bring in a lot of the applicable European legislation does he still get a chance to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights or has he had his last chance after the House of Lords?
  2. How much is this waste of organs costing the British taxpayer?
  3. I do believe he can take his case to Europe an no doubt will do so at taxpayers expense. People must get used to the idea that we are ruled from Brussels and than in general Parliament is now irrelevant with regards to important issues.
  4. His next move is to appeal to the House of Lords, and if unsuccessful there to the European Courts. I fully expect him to be a free man before he is finally sent to the USA if at all. All this at taxpayers expense, and we will continue to keep his family!

    It is for this reason that Qatada's bail restrictions preclude a visit from Hamza.

    Its a pity he cannot accidentally be pushed onto a US bound plane and we have done with the whole process. Preferably dropped out half way to the USA - bet he cant swim easy with that hook :D
  5. Didn't the CIA, or one of the American TLAs, kidnap some cleric from Italy and ship him off to the Middle East? Can't we just give them a list of all the scumbags we wouldn't mind seeing gone and then turn our backs for five minutes or so? If we're going to support their invasion of Iraq they could at least do something for us in return, it's only fair. :)
  6. There must be some nice cells in Guantanamo Bay for Hamza to reside in for the forseeable future.The same applies to some of the other Islamic zealots in Britain who are also fighting extradition against the hospitability of the`great satan`.

    Roll on the day Hamza is loaded onto a US bound aircraft,preferably as cargo.
  7. Fecking Bastrad, my First Name's Hamza!

    Funny how SOME ppl of a PARTICULAR minority in a RELIGON can cause so MUCH TROUBLE!
  8. Let him defend his case at the ECHR and when he's on his flight over to Strasbourg make up some 'emergency' excuse and divert it to Florida. It's quite a big divert so it would have to be a very good emergency excuse but I'm sure we could think of something.
  9. My understanding that as we as a nation ratified the HRA in 2000, we are now ECHR compliant, so I think the answer is no.
  10. He would be able to take his case to the ECHR if he feels he has been affected by a breach of one of the Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights buthe must have pursued all court options within the UK first.
  11. Hes not off the hook yet.
  12. FFS, doesn't anyone 'fall down the stairs' anymore? Why does it take so long and cost so much to deal with shit like this? Allowing Hamza and Q'tada to manipulate the system at taxpayers' expense is an absolute disgrace and one more reason why we need UDI from the EU which makes dealing with filth like this nigh on impossible.
  13. Deportation is the only way I would ever visit America again!!