Abu Hamza interview Today prog 12 Sept?

Did anyone else catch that eloquent speaker and repected cleric Abu Hamza on the Today programme this morning?

I hoped it was an Ali G wind up.

If he's for real, our problem is that people not only listen to him, they believe him as well.

Why worry about the Deep and the Close battle when they are only 4 stops up the Victoria Line??

In the interests of national security, I am totally prepared to slot this TNUC for the price of the rounds.

Look, free speech is all well and good, and what we take for granted, but God almighty, I think this guy has well and truly qualified himself as an "Enemy of the state" At least stop his bloody child benefit .

Abu Hamza warned Britain and the US: "If you were on the agenda you would see suicide bombings everywhere, just like in Israel.

"So it's simple. Stay away and preserve your people."

I've got news for u, u fcuking goat-shagger. I think you'll find, that we'll be climbing all over your personal space any time now.

Nice to see those fcuking Numpties the BNP getting involved. Fcuk off back to your Hitler piccies, and your No1 SS mess dress rubber wanking uniforms, and leave this to people who will sort this piece of  sh1t out.

Can someone please tell me, why we haven't deported this evil scummy bastard yet?

Oh sorry, obviously, he is considerably less of a threat, than an Afghan refugee family  :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Shagola, these emoticons ain't mad enough
PTP - that's the spirit m8!.....which position in the "New Parliament" would you like? Party Leader is still up for grabs....

Hehe! ;)

I'm off to Oman tommorow and when I come back I'd like to see suggestions for a draft manifesto. ;D
Unfortunately Eagle, I'll be deploying tomorrow too.....

However, I'm sure me and Sniper ArmyBarmy Bird can find an I-net connection somewhere in the back of bloody beyond  ;)

Wouldn't want to miss the 1K party.....  ;D

Hmmmmmm, can I be "Minister for dreaded knocks on the door at 4.00 am"

Have a good time in Oman m8, remember your sunscreen and give your boots a good tap before you put them on in the mornings....

Where we're going, all we have to worry about, are moscritters big enough to carry you away and feed their bliimin young with you  :mad:


War Hero
When will these people learn?

I'm a pretty laid back kind of a General, but I find the irony of my own feelings towards intolerance just too much.  Lets just hope the shooting war is a bit more straightforward than the Info Ops campaign currently is!!
Does anyone know where the above traitor lives?

A gang of us are off to recce for the impending barbecue parties we'll be hosting across the country (anybody notice the first strikes are across school half-term.....?).

We're all pretty annoyed at the fact as it is stopping us from sitting on our arrses in barracks getting minging on becks as the rest of the unbusy Army is no doubt currently doing.  It's almost as if people think we haven't got anything to do.  This being the case, mayhap we can get in a bit of concurrent activity and square away two birds.  Well, one mad soon to be persecuted and hopefully evicted from this fair isle arrse.

Surely this counts as inciting violence or is inflamatory or likely to cause offence.  If a land-lady can be prosecuted for displaying a scarf with the inscription 'Sunderland are s***e', (which everyone knows is the truth) in her pub, WTF is going on here?

Ahhh, but then I forgot, minority rights rule.

To arms brothers......


I'd like to sign up for the party to. I want to be PTP's deputy. Any chance. I'll bring me own shooters. Oh, and mind the camel spiders. They're great.
This, chaps, is where we have to take care. Where I to propose that we should find this man's house, wait for him to walk out the front door, and do him a "physical injustice", then this is a racist incident, especially if he tells them it is.

If on the other hand this man were to stand on the threashold of his doorway and unlilaterally declare war on the country that feeds and houses him, incites all muslims to kill Britons, and declares this country a Muslim state, then he is merely expressing his cultural diversity.

Do we all understand this subtle point now? Good!
I am in full support of diversity.

I would like to diversify his nasty,scummy, inflamatory rhetoric spewing head from his shoulders....

But I'd like to use a machete, halal styley, is that culturally diverse enough? You will notice the respect I pay his culture, with the suggested means of dispatch....

Verdi mate, no deputies in my department, it's a partnership for peace, a coalition against terror.... ;D

Shooters are provided, but in the early days, my department favours one way tickets straight back to the shitholes that spawned this filth. Oh, and the secret police waiting for him therein...

"Come in Abu my friend, we have a new truck battery"


I heard part of this interview and have been expecting a thread on the subject!  Unfortunately I had to stop listening as I was late for work and there was a real danger I would put the car off the road, I was laughing so hard.

Clearly this is a man who should be deselected from evolution; but wouldn't you rather he was running around making a complete tit of himself than we give substance to his paranoid ramblings by imprisoning or topping him?  

He really was like an Ali G wind up, and while I agree that some people will believe him, if they are no more articulate or intelligent than him, well, they are going to be a menace to society regardless.  I'm actually hoping that quite a few borderline cases ("...well America's Middle east policy is a bit one sided...they are rather arrogant and powerful...you could argue that a financial centre is a legitimate military target...etc.) will have realised who their deranged bedfellows are and modified their opinions rapidly.

I'm well aware that Hitler was dismissed as a harmless nutter, but at least he could string a sentence together and come up with a halfway plausible conspiracy theory.  Seriously, this man has the potential to do as much damage to Al Qaida as John Prescott has done to New Labour! ;D
I once (in a previous existence) had the dubious pleasure of being two-up manager of a licensed establishment, where acts were commiitted not dissimilar to what goes on in the police cells of some of our allies (Chile, Israel, Saudi...oops). When I pleaded with the police to close it down (Because my boss wouldn't, was making too much money) they said "not a chance love! we've got the flat opposite wired up to the gunnels!!" They, apparently, got better int from this place than virtually any other.

Now, what were you saying?!


We've got Abu Hamza...... do you think we could send them Terry Waite again?  That seems like a fair swap.
I live down the road from Terry Waite.  After all he went through, the biggest local honour seems to be a dish named after him in the curry house!

I see him on the train quite a bit but a few weeks ago he was standing in front of me at Charing Cross and our train was delayed.  He was approached continually by commuters who wanted to shake his hand and ask him about his experiences.  Some just said a quick hello and left him alone but about three people stood there at different points boring the pants off the poor guy - classic overheard snatches of conversation included 'I didn't know you were so big' (He's about 6'10"); 'you've put on a bit of weight since you've been back then eh?'; 'are you feeling better now?' and 'where are you off to?'...

Poor chap must sometimes wish he was still chained to a radiator.
But just think of the fun Brian Keenan and John Mc Carthy would have had if Hamza had been chained to the radiator instead of Waite?

Waite and MG owners like him ? all boring gits!!!  send them as well.

PS.   anyone know where i can get a cheap FOS king pin arm  for a GHN5 chassis roadster???????

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