Abu Hamza and terrorist friends,next stop supemax!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Best news all year!

    Mods fell free to merge if another thread has been opened on this subject.
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  2. Please feel free to make your post make sense to those that don't know what you're referring to.
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  3. Well that's a result.
  4. BBC News - Abu Hamza US extradition backed by European Court
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  5. I wonder if Jordan will now make an application to extradite him from the US. That'd be rather quite amusing.
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  6. Makes a change for another country to pay for the upkeep of our gits. It's amazing how much these guys seem to want to stay in this perfidious infidel country of ours.
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  7. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    I would say that he is dangerous customer.
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  8. I'll only believe it when it happens, these people wriggle for years and nobody gets a grip on the B*****s, there'll be appeal after appeal for years yet. Pisses me off, we all know he's guilty and the problem could be solved with one good old 7.62 from a rusty old SLR.
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  9. Feckin' result!!
  10. How long will it be before the ****ing cous cous eaters are up in arms (no pun intended) about this. *****.
  11. Bloody Norah, have those judges finally come to their senses at long last?
  12. They're still in this country, I'll believe it when the plane lands in the US.

    It is a start though.
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  13. Is this, perhaps, the start of a new era in which the European court of human rights (or whatever it is called) has finally woken up to the fact that subscribing states are getting fed up with them and, if they dont start making some semblance of common sense in their judgements, they will simply be ignored and rapidly become irrelevant.
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  14. According to some bod on the World Service, their only recourse to appeal now is to something called the Grand Chamber, and that is very unlikely to happen, apparently.