Abu Hamza Aka Captain Hook

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. None.

    Watch this space.
  2. Lets hang him!
  3. ........ not true PTP Ms Arani ( not "Alani" as The Evening Standard called her) is his defence solicitor
  4. And a number of people have contributed extensivly to his 'defense fund', it will run and run
  5. Indeed Poppy

    Watch this space.
  6. Nothings happening........................................................
  7. May I recommend Lt George of Blackadder fame as his defence lawyer, with Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanny Melchett as the judge...
  8. HA,HA" Pass me that black cloth darling. I,ll be needing it later on.". Oh in a perfect world maybe !!!!!!!!! We can all dream.

    Regards LT.
  9. I love a fair trial!!
  10. If he is found guilty, perhaps they could graft both his arms around his back and push his hooks up his arrse.
  11. I think we should feed him to the crocodile that got his hands....
  12. I've always wondered in what situation would a muslim have lost two hands and an eye? Anyone know his story?

    All I can think of is a bad industrial accident, bad weapon handling skills or he's been caught in his country of origin stealing several times.... but I'm only guessing :roll:
  13. Certainly make it easier to carry him from cell to cell.
  14. He was handling a grenade in Afghanistan is the story I think. Personally speaking he was probably just in a hurry to open A Fray Bentos pie and he had a nasty accideent with the tin opener.