Abu Dhabi advice please.


At approximately 7000 aed rent allowance pm can someone give me some reputable (ie with knowledge of good service) property brokers links?

Banking. Best to do it locally or use the overseas arm of a British bank?

Living expenses. Given I intend to live like a hermit with just the odd night out (ale not an issue) what may be considered reasonable expense for living as a singly out there?

Ta in advance.

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Well the only advice I can give a Scouser is don't get pissed, no shagging on the beach, or knee tremblers behing the local mosque, and don't throw your toys out the pram when you watch Utd beat Liverpool on the telly!
I'd hate to think of you been banged up over there (good play on words there),and missing the new season!


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Did you get the answer you needed? I didn't see this post earlier, but happy to help now.