Abti-RPG missile

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 307, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    Raythron tests anti-RPG mini-missile

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- Raytheon has tested a small vehicle-mounted missile that intercepted a rocket-propelled grenade in a simulation of an ambush on the streets of Iraq.

    The test of the Quick Kill "hit avoidance system" could lead to a deployable counterpunch to the ubiquitous weapon employed against U.S. troops before the end of the year.

    "Quick Kill's speed, precision and effectiveness are truly amazing," boasted Raytheon Combat Systems Vice President Glynn Raymer. "It offers our current force a level of battlefield protection that no one has ever seen before."

    The Feb. 7 test carried out at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology test range involved an RPG fired at close range against a Stryker combat vehicle equipped with the Quick Kill system. The Stryker is a wheeled armored car that is projected as a mainstay of the Army's future order of battle; Stryker brigades have already been deployed to Iraq.

    The Quick Kill includes a scanning radar that can detect an incoming threat and immediately vertically launches a precision-guided missile that pitches over, homes in on the RPG round, and then destroys it in the blink of an eye with minimal concussion and risk to the Stryker crew.

    Raytheon called it the "equivalent of firing a weapon around a corner and hitting another weapon, while both speed through the air at hundreds of meters per second."

    The company said it developed the system with its own funds and brought it from drawing board to field testing in about six months.
  2. If it works watch the MOD squirm out of buying any! (would only buy 5 sets if the purchased anything!). Either that or try to discredit it.

    Would be lovely if it is able to do that!!
  3. so, if like in Iraq, the insurgents fire a number of RPGs from close range at the vehicle, this super duper system would be able to shoot them all down before they hit?

    If the RPG is moving at its optimum speed, and Im willing to accept Raytheons estimate of 'hundreds of meters per second' and its fired from say 50 feet away, this system is going to detect the missile, launch, 'pitch over', home in on the RPG round and destroy it in what would need to be about 2 seconds! amazing.

    Anyone else think this was tested by firing a RPG round from about 500 metres with the system ready and waiting?
  4. They would never get it to fit a snatch or 432
  5. technical explanation please?
  6. There's bugger all room in a snatch for 4 blokes and their kit, so knowing the MOD if they did get it they would fill it up even more!! :)

    Never saw a 432 leave camp while I was there anyway (apart from the back of a transport at the begining and end of a tour!) :D
  7. Note the caveat though:

    "minimal concussion and risk to the Stryker crew"

    The problem with this type of active defence system is that destroying an inbound RPG or similar requires a fairly significant bang. It's quite easy to make sure said bang faces away from the vehicle being protected, but it's still going to go somewhere. And so dismounts standing around the vehicle, civvies walking by, Granny in her front room across the street all risk catching some of the blast. They will still be at risk from the RPG going bang as well though, but that's a shaped charge pointing at the vehicle, whereas the defence system blast/fragments will be pointing away.

    The real problem is reliability and false alarms, and a six month drawing board to trials cycle doesn't fill me with confidence on that front. If this thing fires when it shouldn't the users are going to switch it off when anyone they care about is near - so then the enemy attack when the crew dismount. Or, if it can be spoofed by throwing rocks at it then the opposition will set it off when it's passing through a crowded market. Of course, if it's constructed so a rock or two won't trigger it the enemy can switch to hand launched anti-armour grenades (remember the Russian ones with the parachute in the handle ?). The end result is not a fully protected vehicle, it merely raises the bar for a successful attack. Which is reason enough to fit it of course, but I find the sales hype a touch hysterical. And I'd then look for enterprising arms companies to start developing weapons slow enough not to trigger it, fast enough that it can't react or even FAE rounds designed to go bang and kill the crew through overpressure when set off by the system.
  8. 307

    307 War Hero

    Is anyone else a bit overcome with the reaction of america and it's firms to do all they can to improve the survivability of their troops, some ideas may be crap others good. Even though they're motivated by lucrative DoD contratcs.
  9. In theroy this sounds the best thing since sliced bread. In reality I expect the test results have been "sexed" up to sell this weapon. It must be bloody quick to detect an RPG from point of fireing. Can,t really see this being any more than an arms manufacture trying to exploit the situation in Iraq,Afghanistan, Iran???? I,ve no doubt people are working on kit like this . But I can,t really belive a weapon like this is already to go & be depolyed. If its true , then bring it on. But I would,nt hold my breath.

    Regards LT.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Wouldnt it be easier to patrol on foot and have a deterring presence to incoming and ambushes of vehicles! After all they claim to be ready to step up and pay the price? I would rather noyt have to be there which fortunately I dont unless they reassess us old crips and send us out!
  11. Once again, it appears to be an over-reliance on technology. Potentially, such a system has something to offer, until, as has been noted, you throw in collateral casualties, false alerts leading to switching the 'damn-thing' off etc. If the gadgie with the RPG launches at a range inside the engagement zone of the defensive system, what's the point?

    The lessons of the past are quickly forgotten - all the hi-tech gadgetry in the World will not help you to beat into submission a determined enemy, fighting without regard to the rules.
  12. It'll be beaten - look at any of the counter measures deployed anywhere in the world to cover any threat, most of 'em are gotten around and an attack launched anyway......

    If anything it's going to provoke an up-surge in attacks whilse they assess its capabilities, come up with a way around it, then practice......
  13. One of the big things we seem to be missing in the UK (and US perhaps as well), is a really strong 'red team' organisation, whose job is to simply find ways of defeating our own kit.

    Perhaps we could just pay some Iraqi insurgents to come over and work for us - it would probably work out cheaper than actually fighting them!
  14. Could the system cope with multiple RPGs fired simultaneously from different directions?
  15. Anyone remember clearable? The radar to detect incoming fire in NI.

    All singing and dancing kit is only good if

    It is cost effective would it be cheaper to put RPG defeating armour on

    Can you get it in the vehicle

    How much power dose it use

    Do you have a radar dish spinning around on the top of the vehicle

    What would happen when some numpty puts his/her covers it with there kit

    And reliance on technology will kill you in the end.