Just read this cracker in the TA basing paper, pretty much sums up how badly managed REME TA is, or they are shit frightened to tell the truth about manning.

6. Manning. Manning levels across the TA are open to relatively wide interpretation; Against a liability of 2547, differing interpretations of manning data suggest that there are between 1400 and 1900 active personnel in REME TA.

WTF - they can't account for 500 men!
If you've quoted it correctly it doesn't say that they can't account for 500 bods; it says that they can't decide how to classify them. I'd have thought this was a commonly encountered conundrum when dealing with either the TA or the REME, combine the two and I'm surprised anyone can tell what any of them are ;-)
Because there is no accepted definition of 'active'. Is it no pay in 6 months or perhaps no weekend attendance in a quarter, or would either of those be reasonable for National TA? As soon as they can arrive at a definition of 'connectedness', they will be able to answer the exam question.
I'd be very suspicious of any figures being banded about regarding REME TA at the moment, the CoC are desperate to justify their ridiculous plans to shift all REME TA from 1st to 2nd line. Of course if they go ahead with this then counting the TA left will be easier as there will be far fewer of them.
I see a situation where the REME TA will just rebadge to their parent unit and carry on fixing kit on the QT, no need for any faults to be reported officially and competencies can go and **** themselves.........
That wheel keeps getting reinvented doesn't it, Regimental Fitters anyone?
I think I'll bin the REME off at the end of me 'S type' find me a new job of sack it completely - Manure factor anyone?

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