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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BHAFC, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. I have always thought about joining the army so afew months ago i decided to go ahead and do it. I go to my local recruiting office and speak to a recruiter, straight away i tell him about my criminal record and that is it quite bad (i went through a really stupid patch when i was 18/19) and i told him the last time i got arrested and went to court was 2009 (all the times before that was 4 years ago it was a really stupid one off thing) "as long as you dont have any existing fines, or community orders ect on going you will be fine" he says, but they still need to see my criminal record, fair enough.

    I went back to see him 2 weeks later with my forms filled out, i passed my BARB, numeracy and literacy tests, everythings going fine he hands me medical forms to fill out and get my Doctor to sign off, i do all that and after looking up about the army even more over the months i was really looking forward to it, i lost 2 stone training for it and knew it was something i want to do.

    Having just got my criminal record in the post i went to see my recruiter yesterday, he took alook at my record as i waited in a room and he comes and tells me that i can't join the army because the last time i got arrested and got a court fine was 2009? He says that my record is quite bad ect but i told him this in the first interview so i was alittle confussed.

    I was alittle shocked at the time and upset so i left the recruiting office without really asking questions i should of so i phoned him back up and asked him when i come back in 2014 and i stay out of trouble for 5 years will i still get turned away and he said it was up to the recruiter at the time, so this has got me really worried that i won't ever be allowed in the army.

    Do any of you know anyone who has had a reasonably bad past and have stayed out of trouble for 5 years and joined the army? I plan on joining the Paras in 2014 seems as i have enough time to get in shape for it.

    P.S i have never been to prison and have never been arrested for dealing drugs (my recruiter asked me about these so i take it if this has happened to you its a big no no to be allowed it)
  2. I have a feeling that if you want a proper answer, you will have to provide the details of your criminal record otherwise no one on here with the correct knowledge will be able to advise you.

    Sucks about the delay tho, If I get deferred or denied ill be a bit pissed too.
  3. If you can't do the time; don't do the crime (or get caught) you thick tw*t!
  4. Drunk and Disorderly/Affray/Offensive weopen in a public place/Burglary

    Woah i admit i was an idiot back then and the one off incident in 2009 was a stupid drunken mistake which iv regreted ever since, but everyone deserves a second chance if they can prove themselfs and thats what im willing to do.
  5. I can handle D&D, possibly affray, almost the weapon (depending on circumstances) but burglary?! You're a thieving ****, who didn't appreciate the time and effort that someone may have put into purchasing something they wanted, and possibly spent months/years saving up for.

    I hope you never get in the Army. You pikey thieving prick.
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  6. That's you fucked then, me ol' china.
  7. Have you thought of the navy they're non too particular and are full of bandits, admittedly they're arse bandits but bandits nonetheless.
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  8. I didn't rob a house or anyones personal belongings i took a crate of wine from the back of a shop when i was drunk (I paid for the wine in the end), calm down if it was that serious i wouldent of only got community service for it.

    And if you are wondering why its burglary and not theft it was because the shop was shut.
  9. afraid im with smudger on this one.
    you willingly entered another persons premises to obtain their possesions, that they had worked hard for, you just thought you could take them, this makes you a thief.

    nobody likes thieving *****.

    you dont deserve to be allowed out of prison let alone let in to the army ,infact they should have cut your hands off as a lesson to you and others.
  10. And bloody good riddance! Weapons and thieving? Should still be breaking rocks or sewing mail bags!
  11. With a record like that and a propensity to thievery/ drunken violence involving weapons, perhaps you should consider joining the Filth. Just sayin. (at least I waited til I was out to acquire form for drunken stupidity. But not burglary. You thieving pikey.)
  12. You're still stealing what someone else has paid for. I can handle *******/bluffers/mongs/STABS and flids......but I ******* detest thieves.
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  13. you won't be allowed in with a Burglary charge. The rest are everyday business for a PARA tom, positivley encouraged, but thieving is about the worst thing you can do in the armys eyes.
    Best of luck with it, the past will always catch up with you, but i would hold your breath...........................Have you thoght of joining the police?
  14. Bloody liberal. The toe-rag should have his thieving mitts nailed to a table in my humble opinion.
  15. Yeah and you havent ever done something stupid when drunk? It was a stupid thing to do i admit that and like i said i regreted it straight away, when i got arrested i put my hands behind my back and admited to it.

    Offensive weopen was abit of metal shaped as knukle duster me and a mate had in a town centre, we was walking along and a CCTV saw us with it.

    Affray was stupid druken fight.

    Hope that clears somethings up for you.
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