Absolutely disgusted

I started my application to join the TA in about October 2011. Driving from Liverpool to Shrewsbury and back on Tuesday nights and a couple of Saturdays for the full day with other recruits. Phoning regularly for updates and being told they're as frustrated as me, it's down to Glasgow. Still waiting for paperwork to be sent back regarding my prior service in the regular Army. Just got through to Capita and there is nothing on their system except about me. Nothing to say I have a service number, have filled out so many forms, pestered my doctors surgery every working day, twice a day most of the time to try and get medical forns filled out.

I'm 34 now and it looks like after all this I have to start the process again. A lot of people on here blame Capita for various problems but it's only thanks to Capita that I now know I left my well paid job to become self employed (to have the freedom to commit to the TA as much as required) and waited so long for nothing.
To join the TA . . To do operational tours. In hindsight i should have rejoined the army. Had no idea how bad this would be handled.
A lot of people blame Capita having seen a recruiting system that yes could have been updated, yes should have gone online a lot sooner than it has - but at least it worked [most of the time]

So much for "online means paperwork won't get lost anymore"

Now you dont even have the receipt to say it was posted and arrived there, it's just 'bugs in the system'
When I saw this thread title I thought it was about that Lt Col convicted of being a filthy paedo.

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