Absolute joke

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Incomin, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. AAGF


    Did he have permission from the site owners to publish here?
  2. That's a big but honorable gamble your cousin took!! There are absolutely loads of ex-forces recruitment companies out there, and they have the money, contacts and infrasructure to take up most of the people being made redundant.

    Maybe a MOD can explain why the thread was removed, but surely your cousin was not relying solely on ARRSE for generating your customers? To be honest, there is not that many currently serving on here compared to the ex-serving, ACF and interested civvies.

    No dis-respect intended but i very much doubt the fact your cousin's thread has been removed from ARRSE will circulate anywhere!
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  7. I've also fond that the majority of these, while very well meaning, seem to rely on the faintly mythical idea that ex-Forces people are automatically better than civvies.

    After seven years of planning, looking and working below my capabilities I've finally landed a permanent role in the sector I wish to be. This was found through The Officers' Association, and if I ad followed the advice of one or two of the specialist ex-Forces agencies in terms of the hunt I suspect I'd still be looking.

  8. Fair enough, As i said, there are loads out there, some bad, some okish and then some good one's no doubt. I don't think Soldier's are better than civvies, but i do think we have a different approach to things which at times can be an advantage. I'm shortly about to leave but i'm lucky enough to walk into a great job (been feathering my nest);).

    If i had to, i would use some of the ex-forces agencies but like most blokes, you know your own capabilities and what you can't offer but more importantly what you can! If they were not singing off the same song sheet as me, like you, i would go else where. Just my opinion but i honestly believe you can make your own good luck in this world.

    Congratulations though on finding a job you really wanted. Best of luck.
  9. Thanks, mark, & well done to you too. There are too many people who sit around & waste the last crucial months of serving time thinking the world owes them a living...