Absolute Gem of amateur 40K film.


War Hero
Stumbled across this film series of the audio novel of Helsreach. The Black Templar defence of Armageddon.

The voice acting is official, but the imagery to go with it has been created by a chap called Richard Boylan.

Even at the start of his submissions, the style and motion is compelling, and as the series progresses, it becomes much more refined and graphic.

I highly recommend having a look and staying with it.

That is a cracking series of films. There was a time when GW would have taken the guy through the courts for that kind of stuff.
Wonder if they have calmed down a bit.


I wonder if GW have given any more thought to an official 40k film? I know they had Ultramarines, which I liked but apparently didnt do all that well. With the Warhammer Total War games coming out there must be someone at GW thinking about how to leverage their IP into a (better) film
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