Abso - f-ucking-lutely priceless

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. The look on Ainsley Harriots face when he just found out that far from being poor oppressed slaves on Jamaica, His Great Great Grandfather was in fact a white slave owner with some 20 slaves to his name.

    I think I've just burst a bollock laughing.

    Anyone else got any skeletons in the closet worth giggling at?
  2. There was a program on afair BBC a couple of years ago where people gave DNA samples which were analysed and the results told where their ancestors originated.

    One of the subjects was a black English man who expected that his forbears were slaves taken to the West Indies from Gambia.

    What the analysis found was that he was descended from a tribe which traded slaves and went on slaving raids to capture people to drive to the coast to sell.
  3. I thought it was funny as f*ck. Ainsley's face was a picture.
  4. Ah! But was his Gt Gt G'mother a slave?
  5. No, just a whore.
  6. Fozzy Bear for President!!!

    I traced my family tree beyond the 1840's. Not easy, as the internet wasn't so prevalent then, and a lot of hard work, but skeletons?? This lot danced in the biscuit tin.

    Dead interesting though. Before you all pile in, I said danced in the biscuit tin :D

    Best programme of the series that one IMHO.