are the Kennadys gun shy?
I imbibed some in Paris at the Scotland v France 5 Nations about 15 years ago. Got so shiters that I fell asleep in the restaurant toilets near the Arc and left her at the table for the best part of 2 hours. Quality stuff if getting arrsed is your thing
Up-graded Pernod was my conclusion. I was in Paris on first-time-abroad status just as absinthe was being banned and, although it was rather like mouthwash, found it quite pleasurable. At that age, barmaids skirt alcohol content would have sent me off. Haven't tried any new version. Recall danger was that it was just so nice to drink and with all the palaver of strainer, sugar cube etc it seemed very grown up. Were I to try it now, I think I'd feel a bit like Breezer for Boys type
I remember a bottle being passed around once in a pub garden.............woke up freezing cold under the picnic tables many hours later
Saw a thing on BBC24, a wee while ago, that visited a Czech Absinthe distillery.

Their product is "watered down" to 70% Alcohol content. Apparently, their original recipe creates Absinthe at 72% Alcohol, but, due to EU Laws (surprise, surprise), as it is over 70%, it would be classified as an Explosive Substance and would need to get all the relevant permits for shipping it, etc
. 8O 8O
absinthe makes the heart grow fonder - maybe thats why it was banned ?
bloody dangerous stuff!
last time i was drinking the stuff.. i ended up dancing topless behind a bar i worked in at the time 8O
Tried absinthe once with a French-Canadian girl in the back streets of Paris - and I recall that it was the proper absinthe; both of us were very ill for 48hrs. It wasn't your normal hangover!

Didn't Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear after a bottle or three of this stuff?

I once got hauled in by the Czech plod after drinking a few shots in Jaguar's in Prague's Old Town. I have absolutely no idea what I did - tis all a blank.

For all I know someone might have walked in on me banging one out...
is the inebriation "different" then plain vanilla alcohol?

absinthe is mildly illegal to bring into the US, (i think it is just seized) but it is not illegal to be in possession(spelling) of. there are some company on the internet that will sell it and guarantee they can get it though customs, but oh fcuk is it expensive, and shipping is like 50 euros a KG.

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it is a very stylish drink, or the bottles and labels are at least.
We have an unofficial tradition (at SheffUOTC) that "Mr Vice" (usually the most recently commissioned subaltern) gets 4 shots of Absinthe as his pre-drinks before formal dinners so he is bolloxed by the time the loyal toast has to be delivered. This has caused much hilarity over the years with 3 loyal toasts being delivered at one dinner and heckling of the speakers at another. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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