Absent t-shirt contest

Which arrse crawler(s) would you most like to see sans t-shirt?

  • Filbert Fox

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • All the female crawlers

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  • Total voters
Filbert Fox said:
Snow_White said:
I am soooo tempted to post a poll of 'which poster would you most like to see sans t-shirt?', listing you and all the female crawlers :twisted:
do it hehe
So, here it is!
yep, looks like it could be jugtastic!!
Filbert Fox said:
yep, looks like it could be jugtastic!!

And what do we think the votes would be if the question were asked:

Which crawler(s) do you think are most likely to remove his/their t-shirt(s) during the course of the crawl?

a) Filbert Fox, the swell-headed poseur

b) Any/all of the female crawlers.

looks like im keeping mine on then!!
blessed baby cakes said:
I'll be wearing mine and anyone NOT in theirs gets to catch cold and donate £20 to the GPR for the privilege!!!

Beebs x :wink:
You're so excitingly strict.

As I've said before, me in just a t-shirt (even over a padded bra and two vests) in December isn't really going to happen, so am assumng that 'wearing' is a verb I can "interpret". It'd probably go over my coat, being the size it is.

And I wouldn't bet against removal of any particular garment by any individual given the company.
but i wont be wearing any pants!! :wink:
every cloud has a silver lining :D

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