Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldmuso, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. ONE Life
    Tuesday 09 October
    BBC 1 10:35pm - 11:20pm


    The men of the RAF's 27 Squadron are in Afghanistan for a tour of duty. For two months, they will be flying missions around the notorious frontline of Helmand Province, where British troops are engaged daily in ferocious battles with a resurgent Taliban. In this intimate film featuring cockpit footage, we follow the pilots and crewmen for the duration of their tour, as they deliver troops, food and ammunition, and rescue injured British troops while under enemy fire.
  2. Brilliant!...a stop cap between each weeks Commando- on the front line :)
  3. On BBC 1 now
  4. Pish flange... took too long to spot this heads up. Watching last 30 mins now.
  5. This is dynamite for Gen Dan's call for rebuild round the troop.... More Of Required!! That's orders.

    Shhhhhh now... watching.
  6. LoL... Yank diced carrot patrol!!!
  7. The all important bluey's... supplemented by t'inernet ho's. Good scope.
  8. If you've got Sky, switch over to whatever channel 'BBC1 NI' is on. It's just starting.
  9. Sky? Luxury!!

    <-- Listed build... the chant's. Cheers though ;)
  10. Chin casevac for a yung un, low fast 'n dirty. RIP Chris.

    The call is ringing loud 'n clear tonight, to their nations heart they'll be known.
  11. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Excellent drills crabs! doff cap, great start up to get that in the air to the T1

    Well bloody done all
  12. Good drills Crab, RIP young Viking.
  13. Great program.
    RIP Chris.
  14. Dam Ive just missed it by minutes, any chance someone can upload it somewere so I can see it?
  15. how fast was that pre flight check..... sterling effort gents.... how calm were they under pressure!!??? RIP brave Viking.