About Turn, anti-clockwise

******* Hell, look at that turnout. Grenadiers, is he?
Very smart indeed!
I particularly like the way he was bouncing the butt of his rifle on the road as an aid to marching...the little one I mean.
Is the little fellow carrying a SLR? If so Good Drills to him.

Doh...just noticed the big un is also carrying the rifle of rifles...10 lashes with a wet noodle to me...
That's awesome.

And top drills from the guy... I think I'd fall over trying to do it 'wrong' like he did.

Why is there an empty box for the little 'un? Shouldn't there be a guard in it.
Wonderful. Wonder if the little chap ever signed up!

Doing it with a finger or two,eyes scrunched a bit near the screen, trying to make sure I don't make a mess or mistake in the process.
I know we don't deal in facts on here, but the left about turn is taught as part of normal ceremonial double sentry drill. So to throw in a left about turn to avoid the little lad is no big thing.
Is it?

I know of the 'ceremonial about turn' which goes to the left bu that is different altogether.
******* Hell, look at that turnout. Grenadiers, is he?
He'd mastered the rudiments of drill, in few minutes, at the age (if I have it right) of 2.

On that basis alone he outshines most Guardsmen - and Grens in p'tick'ler, who seem capable (those commissioned and OR) of spending entire careers obsessing about foot drill to the point that nowt else is of any value . . . .

Crackin' vid tho :-D
How long was he on stag for - looks a little knackered towards the end - what the hell happened to his relief - Guard Commander needed to have got a grip.
The rocks? Aren't they on the same level as the wee fella?
That's a helluva thing to plant on the young fella. As a one time wearer of the light blue, we took pride in having absolutely shit drill.
Ah, you were a member of the QCS :D

There's a reason you chap's always opt for a fly past...

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