About to kick off in korea??


Officials in the South Korean capital, Seoul, have been trying to reassure the public after the country's navy clashed with vessels from North Korea.
Details are sketchy but there does appear to have been an exchange of fire.
It is not the first time the navies have clashed but that will not stop the alarm bells ringing around the region.
John Sudworth has this report from Seoul.
Been done already, mate. :wink:

And no; it's just the NK's flexing their muscles and acting psycho to so they can blag more "aid" from the Yanks.

As others with far more knowledge of the region than I have pointed out, if the NK's ever become a real threat, the Chinese will bomb them until the rubble is bouncing. Then the PLA will jump up and down on the rubble, just to make sure the few NK's still breathing have got the message. :twisted:


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Nothing to worry about. I heard about this yesterday lunch at a press conf - once we heard there had been no Southern casualties, everyone round the table (hacks and bankers) just carried on talking about the economy.

I doubt if this is muscle flexing by the Norks in advace of Obama's visit here next week: If they wanted to do that, they would not do anything with patrol boats (where they are out-teched and outgunned), they would use one of the land-to-sea missile batteries they have dug in along the coast, a much more dangerous threat. It looks to me like the Nork Navy was being provocative and the ROKs opened fire, which probably surprised Kim's boys: Pres Lee Myung-bak changed the ROE for the ROK Navy along the Northern Limit Line last year, as he didn't want a rep of the 2002 disaster.

Seems to be working: On the Nork TV news last night, the Norks demanded an apology. I suspect one will not be forthcoming.

If, OTOH, there was an exchange of gunfire along the DMZ, it would be far more unusual.

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