About to hit the fan: Former Army Officers Seized

In an unusual twist to the Credit Crisis, anti terrorist police have arrested five retired soldiers on suspicion of conspiracy to murder. The operation was undertaken in cooperation with French Police. Advisors from the SAS regiment based in Hereford are reported to have been on standby. The suspects, aged between 64 and 78 years, were arrested in Portsmouth on arrival from St Malo.

A former warrant officer and sergeant from Brecon, South Wales have also been arrested and charged with firearms offences in the coordinated operation.

Sources suggested that the gang are all retired British Army Officers living in and around Ceret, in South East France who meet once a week for lunch. A local policeman from Ceret suggested the group had in recent months become known for their aggressive views and difficulty in meeting their living expenses given the strength of the Euro and falling income from pensions and savings. One of them was known to have lost virtually all his life savings in a recent City scandal.

Police refused to comment on speculation that the men were setting out to seek revenge on bankers or to rob to banks.

The gang have been taken to Paddington Green Police Station and are also expected to be interviewed by the City of London police. Suggestions that the gang were immitating the 1960 film "The League of Gentleman," were dismissed by a police spokesman who refused to answer further questions.

A police statement is expected this afternoon.
Bugger!! I am sat in the geatway car here in St Malo!!
that sounds redicularrse. 64 -78 years old? i never heard of anyone that old doing a bank job.
Oil, lots of liberally applied lubrication, WD40 etc

that's what you want for seized officers.

Ispeakcrabandpongo said:
Bugger!! I am sat in the geatway car here in St Malo!!
ahhh, that'll be you testing the well known sense of humour Plod has - I'll bet someone at Cheltenham's onto your IP address already on a "just in case basis." The rest of us laughed though......!
I think someone was about to go after broon.
Bumper said:
subrosa said:
Somebody been watching the old (1960) The League Of Gentlemen film starring Jack Hawkins.
it's actually a long time since I've seen the film, good though it is; but you may be interested to know that the COO of a well known London based hedge fund received a visit from some investors at his Holland Park home a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately for him, they had Russian accents, a gun and demanded their investment back. He wrote the cheque. If you dance with the devil............ Nothing, is ever as far fetched as it may sound.
Monday morning, I'm making a proper Horlicks of this - sorry, finger trouble.

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