About to apply...will I be frowned upon?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by newman, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Quick question if you please. I am about to submit my application to join the TA. I am excited and looking forward to the training and making new buddies, however, I currently work in a partnership with an uncle. We are the two folk who run the company and were I to leave for a tour it would seriously affect the business (he couldn't run it on his own).

    He will be retiring in about 2 years leaving me to run the firm, and I am hoping by that time to have more staff and perhaps another relative involved so the business could carry on were I do volunteer for a tour.

    From reading I believe that being self employed/family business is one of the criteria for being excluded from a compulsory call up.

    So my questions is, will I be looked down upon by my peers if I were to join my local TA unit and not be able to mobilise should a compulsory order be issued? Will they not approve of me joining and knowing from the outset that for at least a couple years I could not tour?

    Thanks for your time/help.

  2. No many still join, that aren't interested or can't go on tour for a multitude of excuses/sins.
  3. There has been students like myself in the past joining the TA whilst at University and there hasn't been a problem, despite the fact that students can't be mobilised.
    I don't see why there should be a problem in the TA, and if anyone sneers at you (although I don't see why they should sneer), sod them.
  4. You should speak to the people at Sabre. They will be able to give you the heads up on what you can claim for if you were mobilised. As you're in business, I believe you can claim for the cost of getting someone in to run the business while you're away. Then there's what you personally can claim to top up loss of earnings.
  5. My bold yes you can

    My italics they will now match your wages no top up
  6. Check the wording very, very carefully...

    My firm thought this would cover the additional cost of accommodation that resulted from bringing a bloke down from Scotland to cover for me - not continuously, just when there was nobody local available. It turned out that they would only reimburse the cost of advertising for a replacement - not an ideal situation when it takes years to gain experience in a niche trade.

    Firm ended up out of pocket, losing some clients and when I came back, I was close to redundant as the firm had changed direction having avoided the jobs that required my speciality. Five years on, it still hasn't recovered.