About time or diabolical liberty?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_n_fat, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. Won't make a blind bit of difference to private sector I would've thought. The sole purpose is to save money.

    I am not in favour. There really shouldn't be pay differentials for identical labour except time-served increases vs new entrants. It will attract the best to the highest paying regions.

    Personally I think the country is totally****ed.

    Also this crap Osbourne is talking about how pay is between 10 and 15% higher in public sector for economically depressed regions over private sector. Well why is that Georgey Boy? That's right, it's because a previous Conservative government introduced draconian laws where collective action is a presumed evil and it is extremely easy for a private sector employer to eliminate anybody who attempts to organise for better working conditions.

    In fact the worst that can happen to an employer for violating the human right to freedom of association is that they pay a £5k fine!
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  2. Those poor buggers at Fort George or Weeton are stuffed then; or are they the 'wrong' type of public sector workers?
  3. Be interesting to see what happens in Cheltenham as well.
  4. Or those who made attempts to organise better working conditions got more and more unreasonable as time went on and priced their union members out of the market, there's two ways to look at everything.

    And for what it's worth, I'd agree with you with some firms who make massive profits while poorly paying their workers (Tesco) but there's firms which now don't exist whos employees were striking for more money.
  5. I agree with that also. However I would recommend you conduct some research about real terms unskilled and semi-skilled wages since the Thatcher administration. If you want I shall send you some links.
  6. Mong by name...
  7. Suckdick by name?

    Do you have a serious counter point or do you just want to call each other names over internetshire?
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  8. A lot of what were unskilled jobs don't exist anymore, partly because of time has moved on (not much need to go down t'pit anymore), partly because a lot have moved abroad (factories in China) and partly because trades which would have been accessible to the low skilled now require NVQs or other vocational courses, in some cases they need university education.

    I would be interested in reading these links if you want to post them up or PM me.
  9. PM sent.
  10. OK, I'll bite. You are an arselicker, who believes that by voting Tory you are 'middle class', when in reality all that happens is that you endorse a race to the bottom; charged up by a sense of outrage that some other folk are getting something you're not. Everything you have ever thought or 'learned' came from a stupid newspaper and you, venally, think that parroting that received wisdom makes you clever, because some public school Oxbridge ****** said it first.

    FFS - What does "...those who made attempts to organise better working conditions got more and more unreasonable as time went on..." actually mean? They should have left workers in Dickensian slums?

    As for "...but there's firms which now don't exist whos employees were striking for more money...". Did you read this before clicking 'Post'?
  11. I don't vote tory, never have done.

    I'm not middle class, I was born in a shit part of nottingham, I still live there.

    So your wrong internet angry man, better beat the wife or the dog instead.


    "charged up by a sense of outrage that some other folk are getting something you're not

    Is an accusation which could easily be levelled at many of the more militant union members.
  12. The crucial shift was between the 1960s and 1970s, where collective action and trade union immunities were used to shield workers from capital deepening (i.e. the purchase of more efficient modes of production). Dickensian slums were long gone by this point and the unions did undermine their own cause in constantly seeking pay rises well above inflation.

    Again, true.
  13. You really are a nasty person aren't you? All you have achieved in your post quoted above is call platoonmong names and try to belittle what you perceive to be his place in society. I've seen much better crap written by the old scary people that used to follow the Labour party when it really was the Labour Party.
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  14. Workers at Longbridge were striking around the time when the company was making massive losses, I worked in a Rover dealership at the time, the Longbridge staff were getting far more money than we were for doing a less technical job.

    The company now no longer exists (at least as Rover).

    So that's just one example. Everyone deserves a decent wage for a hard days work, but most of the members voted against the strikes (if I remember correctly), and now no longer have a job, of course there's many different factors, but MG rover are now making cars elsewhere paying a foriegn staff far less, is a job with lower pay better than no job at all.