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hiya folks,
My name is wayne. i'm a senior instructor in combat self defence, a reality based personal protection system. Looking through google, i see this section, well, some members have made remarks about my Grandmaster, Dr. Mak Yuree. There are at least 5 topics he's mentioned in. Here is one: http://www.arrse.co.uk/intelligence-cell/97962-baron-castleshort-part-2-a-43.html . I own my own forum so know it's not cool to dig up old topics, however, mis-informed, or uneducated opinions have been aired in public about my teacher. So i'd like to open this topic up so i can show the way things are.

you guys have a hard-on for Baron Castleshort, that's cool. I don't know him, so that's not my business. i've only met tow IBA directors, though have no wish to represent an organisation i don't belong to either, :).

Post number 852, butthan,net is mentioned. Butthan is the martial art created by my teacher, it's widely respected globally. And from spending intense time around my teacher, i know for a fact that Butthan is also being eagerly took up by existing martial artists here in UK.

post 853 speaks about firstrealitycombat.com . another system of my teachers. This is specifically for law enforcement/military. My teacher does train various armies around the world, it's not my place to go into someones personal activities, but he isn't long back in UK, from training soldiers overseas. I know this because i'm his UK personal represenatative, so i have to know, :).

post 854, a comment in response to butthan.net re: nunchuk. Grandmaster is an expert in many things, i've seen it with my own eyes. fo rexample we all went to Birmingham NEC in May 2010. The martial arts show. He broke two amrican baseball bats with one shin kick. The bats were real i bought them. We still have them. for real nunchuk form him: ::BUTTHAN MARTIAL ART:: . and to check the NEC, in which i'm in the footage taking gun of fellow instructor (and i'm being floored in knife demo, hehe) - YouTube - CSD Nottingham NEC 2010.qt [www.keepvid.com](2).mp4

Post 855. This is a more interesting one, hehe. My teacher is national director of IBA for Bangladesh. Irrespective of whatever the Baron is or inn't. It's inevtiable that at some point, in a global organisation, that true professionals join. My teacher makes it clear, he is not military. He trains military, and law enforcement. He will never claim to be something he is not. anyone here knows bout some reality based styles, may know the downfall of some folks silly claims, which are easily found out. the world is small place now. my teacher trained from martial arts from 9 years old. and not training an hour or two a day. from dawn to dusk, in Jungle in Asia he lived & trained....

He is the inventor of MY BATON, which is being entusiastically looked at by US police, & UN. He has trained law enforcement worldwide, including FBI. Which is not a major claim for someone fo his stature....

His stature... He has opened up his system to the world in th elast 4 years. In that time has has been awarded the most prestigious global martial arts aawards, 6 times. including blackbelt of the year, grandmaster of the year, and sokeship of the year. Sokeship is the major title. don't take my word for it, check the site: Grandmasters Newsletter 51 WHFSC .

Post 856. My teacher has trained with elements of British Army. I coudl say any of you guys who weren't in supply or catering (but i won't, hehe) migh tknow that civilians that are involved with other government agencies do at times both train army and be trained by them.

i'm not going to go on post by post. i'm not her eto cause trouble, but with professionals, or at least ex-professionals from a highly respected force such as HM Forces, i thought you guys would appreciate a respectful opinion form someone who knows about Grandmaster Yuree. He comes to my home to stay often, I live in Nottingham. He's much more than a teacher, he's a real good friend, a father to me in many ways. I'm perfectly fine even coming and meeting some of you woh have concerns, within a 15 mile radius of nottingham (i can't be bothered travelling fruther for this, hehe). We could have a go for a coffee, and you can see i'm, genuine, :).

Thanks in advance for any feedback guys, warmest wishes

i'm not here to promote myself, but if anyone wants my background google csdnottingham.


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Who is Baron Castleshort?

And where does Grandmaster Flash fit into all of this?

lmao! yeah, yeah, wind-up merchants. i run my own forum guys, it's water of a duck's back, :).

Re:L me being Gay. if you mean did i share a sleeping bag witn another able seaman in the RN, the answers no. (though i was gonna join the navy when i was 16, lol)

I just thought it cool to give some real intel in the intelligence section.
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