about becoming a instructor in the ACF

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by CombatBooBah, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. being a lazy dole scrounging git has finally paled and got myself on
    an adventure training yoof leadership course for 9 months end up with basic mountain leadership cert rock climbing instructor cert plus kayaking
    etc. So end of next year while no real desire to be a yoof worker in a yoof organisation.
    It would be a shame not to use the training and I did enjoy my time in the cadets so who do you need to contact to volunteer not terribly interested in rank its the Cadets was a private in the regs and TA
  2. go to http://www.armycadets.com/acf/home.aspx this would be a good place to start , it gives you all the info you need, then find out where your local detachment is and make contact with them, they will give inside info on whats what.

    good luck mate
  3. Myself also ex Pte in the Regs, but with now approx 8 years as a Cadet Instructor.

    The ACF will always welcome People such as yourself, your expercience's will always help the Cadets in your area.



    Or just turn up at your nearest Detachment / Platoon and Say Hello.

    Most Countys don't have enough Adults, so we are always looking out for more.

    If you would like any more info just email me??

    And if you are from Devon ?? goto www.dacf.co.uk !


  4. cheers sent my local unit an email.
    never soon could be standing under an umberalla sipping hot choclate while cadets practice there kitten crawl in the pouring rain :twisted: just joking :p

  5. you get any response from them then?
    oh by the way, we dont sip hot chocolate and shelter under brollies, if the cadets are out in the rain so are we. all be it wearing gortex :lol: but so are the cadets, gotta keep them dry and comfy too you know
  6. albeit
    good thing it's just the acf you're an instructor in, noone will notice.
  7. if all i have to do to be as qualified as you are, is correct spelling mistakes, then i'll have your job, thanks.
    no-one has a hyphen
  8. I most certainly do old chap. At least it's a DPM brolly though.
  9. Nope but rang them today theres sending me an application form and a DVD?
    hopefully by friday.
    have to wait to be crbed even though I just got my last crb certificate last month oh well maybe the check will be faster this time.
  10. Any update on this hippy? How did it all go?
  11. Oh come on! give him a bit of credit! perhaps he meant that Peter Noone would notice :D

    Good luck with joining.
  12. There's a thread on AI recruitment in the stickies.
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