About ADSC?

I have already been to 3 interview after my barb test and medical. Now the ACIO officer has recommended me to go for the ADSC. Can anyone tell me how long do i have to wait for that?
If you have had your Recruiters interview and then the senior Recruiters interview and he has confirmed your elligable you could find out your going very soon in the next two to three weeks. Once your Recruiters has heard from ADSC allocations he should get you in to give you your joining instructions, train warrant and to get you you see the ADSC DVD again and explain the procedures shortly. Your Recruiter is the best person to speak to because he has all the relevant information on you but there are lots of threads on this in the training wing forumn aswell.

Good luck on it.
heya, adsc has a 2 week period for guys n 1 week period for girls.. i go nxt week on the 21st n 22nd so im guessin for guys it wil b the 2 week after nxt... so hopefully u wil go in 1 of them weeks if ur recruitin officer thinks u r ready.

good luck :)
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