Abortion in the Army

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by oppo140, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. hi.

    lets say I've a friend thats doing their basic training now, if during this period they find out they are pregnant what's the result likely to be?
    Would there be any chance of them finishing basic and having a break for an abortion, and then going onto phase two with the next lot?
    Any help appreciated at all
  2. Your "friend" needs to visit the medical center and discuss her options with the doctor. The rigours of Basic Training could cause damage to both "her" and "her" unborn child. What happens from there is a matter for the Chain Of Command, but a decision and plan cannot be formed if they are unaware of the problem.

    I doubt it would mean the end of an Army carear before it has begun, but if your "friend" choses to abort her child, i expect some time off from training would be appropriate to allow the body to heal properly before re-starting training.

    Get to the doctors.
  3. Not to mention the possibly psychological issues she may suffer as a result. Healing from an abortion on a physical basis isn't that long, but the mental suffering could go on for years.

    Get to the Med Centre and FAST. If she wants to keep the child at the end of the day, she needs to stop her phase one training asap I expect.
  4. if indeed this person was pregant and they are 17, would the med centre have any contact with their parents/guardians about the situation? Like if they were given some time off and not just booted out, would the med centre discuss this just with the individual or contact the guardians too? Are army med centres bound by patient/doctor confidentiallity?
  5. Great a stupid girly who was too dumb to keep her legs closed despite knowing that they are going through basic training.

    And this person wants to be let loose with a weapon and ammunition.

    God help us all.

    Tell her not to worry I am sure that the army will be forced to bend over backwards to accommodate her "special" needs to the detrement of everyone else, and if they do not I am sure that she can claim loads of cash for all the inconvienence she will suffer for her self inflicted condition.
  6. Well I have been told that I have been derogatory, sexist and irresponsible in my last post (via private message).

    I was going to write a long reply to it but I cannot be bothered as I stand by what I wrote above.

    There is no need to get excited about her I am sure the system will be falling over itself to show how much it cares for her despite her not even bothering to ensure she can get through basic training before becomming a welfare case.

    Personally I think she should be kicked out for not having the common sense to ensure she can complete her training before she got herself pregnant. After all you do not need to be a rocket scientist to use contraception. Of course being an individual in her own right and in total control of her own body - it will be 50% the man's fault, and 100% the man's bill once she sets the CSA onto him.

    I wonder how much time, money and effort has been wasted on this girl whose contribution to the army has so far been nil.
  7. Notwithstanding the sheer stupidity of getting pregnant whilst in Basic Training, the Army Medical Services operate pretty much the same degree of confidentiality as any civilian practice. It is not down to the Medical Centre to tell your, sorry - her, parents the reasons why the training has been paused, that's classed as 'your own problem!'

    FFS a 13 year old can get pregnant at school, have it aborted and her parents not told about it. You don't loose your legal rights just because you join up (well, not all of them :wink: )
  8. Sorry, i thought this thread was about the general standard of trainees passing out of training establishments these days...

    i'll get my coat.

    PS... i hope "your friend" doesnt follow through with a big red placenta laden SPLOSH as some poor fecker is pushing them over a 6 foot wall.... nasty business.
  9. Get your friend to the Med Centre and to see the Welfare Staff today - NOW! These staff are trained to deal with events like this and will not have pre-conceived ideas. She must not carry on with arduous training if she thinks she is pregnant.

    But the answer is that it will depend on the circumstances; if your friend decides that is what she wants to do, she will be given the support and time to allow her to do that. She will also be counselled by people who have her best interests at heart. But she has to ask for help, first.

    Another early morning cry for help!

  10. oh god Inf/MP shut up

    If a squaddie had gotten a girly up the duff you wouldnt be calling him an irresponsible son of a fishmonger!!

    Stupid mistakes happen, it does not require haranging of said individual for following a genetic force now does it?!

    End of burst transmission
  11. I've got an old knitting needle if your 'friend' wants it.
  12. Just make her mark time outside the guard room until she deposits it on the brass line in a big f ucking puddle.

    then parade behind the guard at 18:00 showing "no foetus"
  13. If shes going to be a medic, tell her to keep it a secret until she gets to Koegh and then let the other trainees do it for her.
  14. Ignore the sexist neanderthols (spelling?). Check your PMs
  15. Tell 'your friend' to wait till the last minute for a legal abortion and have it. Then have the abortion sent urgently in an ambulance to The Adjutant General's Corps to start Phase One Training. They have a constant need for abortions to run their Pay & Allowances sections.