Abolition of Parliament Bill?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Huntsman, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. The following is extracted from the 25 Feb copy of THE WEEK - Hardly anyone has noticed, says David Howarth (Times), but Britain is "sleepwalking into a sinister world of ministerial power". A fortnight ago, the Government proposed an astonishing Bill that will drastically curtail parliamentary discussion of future laws. It goes by the boring title of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, but some constitutional experts have dubbed it the "Abolition of Parliament Bill". It empowers ministers to alter any law created by Parliament without the need for detailed debate or a Commons vote. They will just have to "propose an order, wait a few weeks and, voila, the law is changed". The only limitations are that new crimes cannot be created if the penalty is greater than two years in prison and that the Bill cannot be used to increase taxes. The Government insists the bill will not be used for "controversial" matters, but there is nothing in the measure to prevent that happening. Ministers are just asking us to trust them - and all there successors - not to do the wrong thing. "No one should be trusted with such power."

    Can anyone out there provide the legal definition of 'tyrannical act'?
  2. Already been done HERE mate.

    Good drills for bringing it back into the limelight though