Abn 30/11: Uniform to work day 2011

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by barbs, May 27, 2011.

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  1. ABN 30/11: UNIFORM TO WORK DAY 2011
    Serial No: Sourced: 30/11 AM&C

    Date: Released By: 25/05/2011 AM&C
    1. The annual Reserves Uniform to Work Day (UWD) will take place on Wed 22 Jun 11, four days prior to Armed Forces Day (AFD) on Sat 25 Jun 11. This is an important opportunity to raise the profile of those who serve in the Reserves.

    2. All TA personnel and Regular units employing TA personnel.


    • The intent of UWD is to encourage TA officers and soldiers to arrange with employers to go to work at their civilian jobs in uniform for the day.
    • TA soldiers need the support of their employer. Personnel must also ensure that their
    Chain of Command is informed of their intention to participate in UWD.

    • Those Regular personnel who do not usually wear their uniform to work are also encouraged to do so.


    3. Following the success of the last 3 years, UWD has become an annual event for the Reserve Forces and part of the build-up week to AFD. It is principally a vehicle to generate media effect, emphasising the unique nature of Reserve soldiers.

    4. The aim of UWD is to raise the profile of the TA ‘Among Us in Society’, in order to promote the principal AFD messages and to encourage public affirmation, recognition and understanding. It will also remind the public that the TA is ‘among us’ in society, emphasising the links between the civilian workplace and the Army in line with other Community Engagement activities.

    5. The event will emphasise that the TA is good for individuals, employers and communities; TA personnel gain leadership skills and specialist expertise, which serve them well in their civilian jobs.

    6. At a time when 8% of soldiers serving in Afghanistan are members of the Reserve Forces, UWD is a chance to support those currently serving on operations by drawing attention to the fact that they have come from jobs in the civilian workplace.
  2. I wonder if Main Building will have a uniform to work day on 22 June 2011?
  3. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Read the 3rd Key point . ... . .
  4. Quite. I might wander past Main Building and see if there is any evidence of leading by example.
  5. You are Outstanding in disguise and I claim my five English pounds.
  6. I maybe outstanding, but not Outstanding. I'll have 5 Welsh Pounds, please.
  7. This TA soldier who spent nine months thrashing himself for HERRICK 15 would like the support of LAND and not be informed, the day before brown envelopes where issued, that he'd not be going despite being told he would.

  8. **** me your wrists and forearms must be huge now!
  9. Your setting the bait out a tad early Bravo (no pun intended).
  10. If the scruffy walking zeppelin I saw last time the TA tried this lark was anything to go by, I'd say that this was A Bad Idea.
  11. I'll have extra onion on mine, thanks, you little 5 star you.

  12. Mit pommefrites und mayo?
  13. "Hello Pot, This is Kettle, send colour, over"

    Half of British soldiers are obese or overweight - Telegraph
    Half of British soldiers are obese or overweight
    More than half the soldiers in the British army are overweight or obese, it has emerged.

    OK, I grant you they might be fat and smart. :)
  14. Please tell me that you ******* work shy abortions dont actually rock up to work in rig for the day?

    Arent you a bit weighed down already with H4H and regimental bracelets, anodised medal badges and key rings, veterans pins and pussers watch?

    I'm sure most people in work already know your a 'soldier' by the ubiquitous Telic phots that most stabs plaster all over their desk..

    ******* Gareths.
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  15. msr

    msr LE

    You're getting boring now...